December 22, 2011

Daniel O’Donnell’s wife has revealed he hides in the wardrobe when they have an argument!

Majella O’Donnell says the millionaire singer is a practical joker and is a master of defusing the situation when the couple fall out.

“A lot of people don’t see the real Daniel.

“He is full of fun and does the silliest of things. If we fall out he might have gone into the wardrobe and he’ll say ‘Can I come out now?’

“It defuses the situation and he certainly knows what buttons to press with me,” said Majella.

Daniel, who turned 50 last week, admits that he almost lost his wife after the couple split up for a while when they were dating.

“We broke up for a wee bit. Majella was getting a divorce and I thought ‘can we go on with this?

“After we broke up I would find myself saying ‘would Majella like this?’ I thought to myself – why am I fighting this battle when I don’t need to.

“I figured out whatever obstacles there would be that we would be able to overcome them and we did,” he said.

The couple admit that they also leave little love notes for eachother around their house whenever they are separated for long periods of time.

Daniel, who has never smoked or drank alcohol, said he is not bothered about reaching half a century.

However he admits he lost a few days off his life when he was breathalysed by the Garda for the first time earlier this year

“I was going across a bridge in Kilkenny and there they (the Gardai) were. They looked into the window and they saw me and asked me to blow into the bag.

“I was so nervous bowing into it. I was thinking to myself ‘what if this goes wrong?” he laughed.