January 13, 2012
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A WELL-known Ulster Unionist with extensive business interests here in the Republic has got all his sums wrong when it comes to Co Donegal.

Lord Kilclooney – aka John Taylor and one-time MP and deputy leader of the Ulster Unionists has tried to frighten off Scots over Scottish Independence by using Donegal in his argument.

His only problem – he told readers of the Scotsman newspaper that there were just 100,000 people living in Donegal…when last year’s census recorded 160,000

In his letter to today’s Scotman, bungling Taylor said: “As an Ulster Scot I know there would be concern in Northern Ireland should Scotland vote to leave the United Kingdom.

“Northern Ireland is not only geographically close to Scotland but shares more with Scotland than with any other country. When the majority in Ireland voted for independence from the UK there were 220,000 people in County Donegal. After independence thousands emigrated back to the UK – especially to Glasgow and Londonderry (sic). Only 100,000 now remain in Donegal.

“Northern Ireland remained within the UK as was the desire of most people in that part of Ireland. Should there ever be a majority in Scotland for independence it should not be binding on all the people of Scotland.

If, say, Strathclyde or the Lowlands prefer to remain in the UK then that decision should be honoured by a partition of Scotland.”

Mr Taylor owns several newspapers in the Republic.


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  1. Yeah because the unnatural partition of Ireland has went so well hasn it!! he also gets his facts wrong about Scotland as there hasnt been a strathclyde region since the early 90s.. only the police force use that term…. im sure the natives of Glasgow will love this idea.. they might even be as lucky to have there city renamed Londonglasgow like our fortunate neighbours in Derry who have had so much to celebrate under partition!!

  2. John Taylor, and his Ideas if were even concidered,We in Scotland wold be as
    misinformed as he is.
    His interest is not fot the good of scotland
    only his own

  3. What a blast from the past and I thought this old bigot was dead years ago why even big Ian has more cop on nowadays.Old farts like this remind me of grim faced old ghouls in a horror film ,maybe somebody should tell himthat majority of young people nowadays Catholic and Protestant don’t see borders or differences apart from a handful of small minded bigots who shout at football matches.The war is over Mr Taylor if Ireland is united tomorrow then it would take an amalgamated young voice from all over this island to run it as the last crowd in Dublin didn’t make a good job of it and the new ones in trying to clean up a mess.It is time for a new Ireland and a whole new party from the 32 counties inclusive to run it and whether your from the Sandy Row or the ring of Kerry you should be treated the same and your traditions respected the aul Catholic V Protestant day should be kicked into touch sure we are all one when we support the Rugby team isn’t that a good example of what we can do.

  4. As a Glaswegian I can assure you that Glasgow will be increasing its SNP vote in line with the rest of Scotland. You may have failed to notice but the SNP already control most areas that were previously unionist strongholds. The predudices of yesterday have no place in the politics of Scotland today or tomorrow. One Scotland, one people!!!!!

  5. if we ever vote to break away from the uk i for one will be off out of here like bullet out of a gun ,do we really want to end up as destitute as the roi ?

    1. He has newspapers north and south through Alpha Newspapers.
      He is also a shareholder in the Northern Media Group which has radio stations in the North.
      It’s a joint venture with River Media – owners of the Letterkenny Post and Donegal Post.

  6. Ye gods, how out of touch he is!
    From all I see it is more likely that the N. of England will want to seceed to Scotland, and many further south wishing THEY has AS as leader!
    To quote Pvt Fraser from Dad’s Army “The mon’s a buffoon!”
    Many Scots love watching Ireland!

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