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  1. scoil beag on said:

    la ar doigh againn, fair play to all involved sends a message out to the minister! The only disappointing thing was that a certain political party had political banners even though we asked for none. This issue goes beyond political point scoring.

  2. People before banks!

    • If you listened to Cathal ó Fearraigh ,he asked where were our td’s senators and other organisations.Well some of them were there to support us .You can’t ask for them and then when they turn up say you don’t want them.You yourself were quite happy to blow Brian Ó Domhnaills trumpet . Pity he didn’t turn up.Every organisation should have been there to support us -political or otherwise. You can hardly say you don’t want it to be politcal when your making speeches outside a Minister for States office!

  3. Brendan on said:

    Will people remember their political representation when voting comes around again.. I hope they do..

  4. well done to all,brilliant,no get on the buses on wed to dublin show the big boys how we feel

  5. community approach on said:

    such a big crowd lovely to see it, we need a community approach to this. Not sinn fein trying to gain a few votes, even though the SF education minister in the North is making the same cuts !

    • yes we do need a community approach .Sinn Féin are part of the community . All parties should have been there to represent us.Sad to see none of the others were bothered. Only public rep I saw was Pearse Doherty. Where were the others that are supposed to fight for our needs.

  6. fair play on said:

    Well done to all involved, our school were told this protest was to transcend the political spectrum, was a little bit angry with the can’t pay campaign and the sinn fein gang trying to take a away from an honest protest. well done to all schools again.

    • fair play? your words dont match your name!
      both the cant pay wont pay and sinn fein members were there in support of the schools
      i think fair play to them aswell.
      remember they also have families and small kids.

    • the cloich cheann fhaola campaign against the household and septic tank taxes along with other members from campaign groups around the west of the county attended the march,we had discussed our attendance with organizers beforehandand they welcomed our taking part.We believe that the cut-backs that affect schools and these unjust taxes are part of the same austerity policies that are failing our citizens and dis mantling our society ,we oppose unjust taxes and we also stand together with our local communities ,not least because we are part of those communities

  7. cloich cheann fhaola campaign against the house hold taxes along with some of our campaigners from other groups attended the protest .We see the cut-backs and unjust taxes as being part of the same austerity policies that are killing our communities.we discussed our intention to attend with organizers of the march beforehand,and they welcomed our support , they also thanked us afterward s for attending.

  8. As a mother, and teacher would you please point out what exactly was dishonest about the other groups attendance today? as it was a national day of protest, for all groups to voice their opinion regardless of what you were told.
    And fair play to all who attended.

  9. sure owen on said:

    owen every politician person should have been there if it was possible, but i don’t believe in sf or can’t pay camp trying to advertise and by doing so take away from the protest. That is why i agree with the above posts. There were plenty of politically active teachers there that only concern was the good of the community. Political point scoring of this nature is sordid

  10. I was at the protest on saturday, and i must say that i didnt mind the fact that Sinn fein and the Cant pay wont pay were there. All support is welcome. What did bother me was how the Sinn Fein large banner worked its way into a position where it would be picked up by any cameras focusing on the speakers. The organisers did well to keep it as a community protest and the Politicians should now do their talking in Dublin.

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