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  1. Nice money, guess politics are a calling to serve the people and not for the cash! LEAST thats what Bertie always said!

  2. what a waste of money, especially if this is multiplied by 166. how many special need teachers or nurses this amount of money would keep in work. Time to stop all expenses to politicians and cut their pay also.

  3. Observer on said:

    The price of protest!

  4. he’s making probably in excess of 130k , a leaders allowance to boot who is he kidding. Get rich quick pringle cause your not goin to be elected again i’m afraid, you’ve done nothing positive since being raised shoulder high!

  5. Thank God to have Thomas in our area ! Apart from myself several locals have called to my house and have told me of all the help Thomas has given them – Thank you Thomas you are working for us – unlike the rest !!!!

    • What exactly has that guy done of benefit. If there is anything that comes to mind, you have to ask yourself is it worth the amount of money he receives.
      I dont think this guy will get back in.

  6. Rubert Murdoch on said:

    What a joke!!! Take advertising for example…almost 5 GRAND. Why? So he can wish all his constituents a happy christmas in the local paper. Its a disgrace.

  7. Maggie K on said:

    Fair play to Pringle… I dont ever remember Coughlan showing her expenditure, and she received an awful lot more. Also, Pringle is in opposition, so what do you think he can do? other than challenge the austerity measure, the false claims of new jobs (see his website regarding Killybegs jobs announcement), He stands in solidarity with his constituents by opposing the household tax, though he clearly states he can afford the tax, it is important for him to listen to his neighbours, friends and those who voted for him, and to stand with them against this unfair tax. I could go on, but doubt the text box will allow me much more.

  8. good night irene on said:

    it will be good night irene when the constituency changes to a five seater. Pringle used the publics anger to his advantage. Another one term politician for donegal south west

  9. John Duffy on said:

    I was hoping that Deputy Pringle could follow the example of Deputy Pearse Doherty and not only publish how much expenses and allowances you claimed, but also for what purpose. Would it be possible to also publish a breakdown of which businesses benefited (hopefully local). Deputy Pearse Doherty has published a detailed list of money spent and expenses claimed on his website. I think this should be standard for all serving politicians

  10. John Duffy on said:

    By making Donegal a 5 seater will make the people of Donegal by far the most poorly represented people in the country. FG promised a complete overhaul of the electorate system before getting into power. Now they plan to reduce the number of TD’s by 6 from 166 to 160.
    While I do believe that there are too many politicians in Ireland and the numbers should be significantly cut, I dont think that it is good for Donegal to be the most poorly represented. It is a pity Joe McHugh or Dinny McGinley are not representing our interests in this area.

  11. Leo Devenney on said:

    Its absolutely ridiculous, what he only spent on media training is what i’m getting as a grant for a 1 income household, nice to know we’re keeping the politicians nice and wealthy and shafting the students who are the future tax payers, nice to see that the priorities are correct anyway ( just a bit of sarcasm there i must say )

    • Maggie K on said:

      Running for election is an option for everyone, so why don’t you do it, and not only increase your income but make all the changes that everyone clearly expected Pringle to make single-handedly.

  12. I have to admire Thomas Pringle for publishing his expenditure…not too many would!! So many would take the money and not put the work in that Thomas does. He is dedicated to working for the people he represents and I admire him for it. It’s so easy to judge and have an opinion without ‘knowing’ all that a deputy does, and this one in particular!!!! So fair play to you Thomas for being so upfront…and i’ll be voting for you again, as will the many you help and support. Much of your good work will not be published and read as quickly as your expenditure list….keep up the good work for those of us who appreciate it.

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