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  1. des kennedy on said:

    i cant foresee michael martin lasting much longer as leader of ff He is no leader when all he wants is to get the people of ireland into more austerity ff are focked about right and i hope they never see the light of day as a majority party in dail eirenn again

  2. Seriously, does anyone give a rats arse what Eamonn O Cuiv or the entire Fianna Fail PParty does or doesn’t do. Along with O Dea and Martinhe was at cabinet table when this country was steered onto the rocks and the result is plain for all to see. For him to cry boo hopo now is pathetic. And the sight of Mary Coughlan sitting beside Miceal Martin in Glenties in was staggering.

  3. margaret on said:

    why are those people who make statements not named after all they are elected people they are either for o:cuiv or aagainst him so name them

  4. Charlie McConalogue was at the same protest outside the Dáil today as Ó Cuív so he’s probably one of those backing him.

  5. Hard to care what a bunch of FF sleveens and goms fall out over. It is not as if they give a toss about this country.

  6. Republican Donegal on said:

    What about Eamon O’Cuiv forming his own Independent Fianna Fail Party.
    Donegal might just back that plan because it is a part of our tradition. This county has already backed an Independent Fianna Fail Party for 37 years and when it collapsed a big slice of the inspiration it generated disappeared and politics is much worse off as a result.
    But now Sinn Fein has taken over that mantle…so why does O’Cuiv and his fellow travellers not join them?

  7. Brendan on said:

    Good to see, dismantel the party altogether, dismantel all parties, they are killing this country. Indo FF possibly could regroup since blaneys left but i doubt it. But in sayin that, there is a hunger for new politics. not many have faith in FG, Lab, FF or SF so their is oppurtunities for people..

  8. Niall on said:

    Why is O’ Cuiv only realising the problem with the scale of the banking debt now? Where was he when the IMF deal was agreed and Anglo was nationalised? Any intelligent person will see through this opportunist rubbish. And why can’t the FF people in Donegal reveal who they are? Because the vast majority of FF grassroots are sheep who don’t want to upset the leadership.

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