May 15, 2012
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The following are the questions and answers put down at last night’s meeting of Letterkenny Town Council.



(i) When will plaque re Mayors be erected in Town Council Chamber?

ANSWER: This matter was not pursued having regard to prohibited cost associated with same at the time. This matter can be reviewed if Members so wish.

(ii) When will information plaque re Cathedral Square and environments be erected?

ANSWER: The information for this plaque has still to be finalised prior to agreeing a location beside the existing plaque already in this area.




(i) Could the Council provide “Resident Parking Only” signs at Binnion Avenue?

ANSWER: The Council will order these signs and erect them in due course.


(ii) Could the Council provide directional signage for the Lawn Bowling Facility at Bernard McGlinchey Park?

ANSWER: A sign can be erected at the entrance to Bernard McGlinchey Town Park for the bowling club.

(iii) Have the Council any plans to trial the “big belly solar compactor bins” which many other Councils have recently introduced?

ANSWER: The Council are due to retender the full street cleaning service in the next couple of weeks and will investigate this system as part of the review of the service.



(i) What is the up to date position regarding the Yellow Box at the traffic lights I previously brought to the attention of this Council. Have the Gardai been notified about out concerns and what action have they taken to alleviate an absolutely chaotic situation?

ANSWER: The layout of this junction ie 3 main routes accessing one route ie Upper Main Street means that delays are inevitable especially if there is a hold up on Main Street, which can and does happen and is unavoidable. This prevents the traffic getting away at the lights. As far as the Council is aware the problem generally resolves itself within a reasonable period, hence any Garda call out wouldn’t be practical. The Council will investigate the matter further to see if there are any minor improvements, which could be made.


(ii) What plan of action is envisaged to solve the intolerable parking at Bernard McGlinchey Town Park?

ANSWER: There is a bye-law for this car park which allows for a maximum stay of 2 hrs. Cars parking longer than this period will be liable for a fine from the Traffic Wardens. The matter will be brought to the attention of the Traffic Wardens.


(iii) What is the up to date position re my motion of the branding of Town Council vehicles and signage of works undertaken by the Council?

ANSWER: The Council hope to have signs to this effect visible in the next 2 weeks.



(i) Will the Council update the Members on our proposed application for an outdoor Basketball facility and any other application we are assisting on?

ANSWER: Following a number of site visits and a review of possible locations on public lands the Council can report as follows;

McGlinchey Park: Whilst a feasible location was discovered, the current lease of the park from the HSE does not meet the Department criteria to allow an application to be made ie the current lease is less than the minimum requirement of 15 years. This is therefore not an option at present.

AURA: The only feasible location is behind the astro turf pitch and is only accessible through AURA controlled lands and as such would not be available as a free public open space.

Ballyboe Park: There are lands available at the top ie accessed via Sliabh Sneacht / Meadowbank.

Gartan Field: The upgrading of the existing court to a more acceptable level to meet proper standards.

On this basis the recommendation would be to apply for an upgrade of the Gartan Facility if this is acceptable, however the Council is open to looking at any other suggestions which the members may have. Contact was made with a number of local groups but no applications have emanated from these discussions.

(ii) What action has the Council taken in relation to the illegal dumping in and around the Ballymacool Town Park?


ANSWER: A Spring clean up was coordinated with the Residents Association in the last couple of weeks where the residents cleaned the area and the Council collected and disposed of the bags. If a further clean up is deemed to be required the Council will facilitate this by providing and collecting bags etc

(iii) Have all outstanding issues been resolved for the takeover of services in the Maples and Hillview Estates?

ANSWER: A Managers Order recommending the takeover of the lights at The Maples will happen before the end of this month. There is an outstanding technicality with regard to the lights at Hillview ie the Council never received the MPRN No. from the developer, this will be discussed with Airtricity. There is no record of an application for full takeover of these estates having been received by Donegal County Council.



(i) What works have the Council programmed in respect of the first Tidy Towns adjudication?

ANSWER: The Main Street has recently been power washed and a programme for chewing gum removal is also being arranged in the next couple of weeks. The usual painting, cleaning, planting and landscaping is underway and the Council are working closely with the Tidy Towns committee in this regard to ensure a high standard is reached in time for the first adjudication.


(ii) When will the Council reduce the speed limit on the Windyhall road?

ANSWER: The Council are currently investigating the procedure to reduce the speed limit from 80kph to 60 kph on the Windyhall road, which will involve a bye law procedure. It is also intended to introduce traffic calming similar to the Kirkstown Road ie centre lining and road markings where feasible to do so.


(i) Could the Council look at parking issues at the Gael Scoil?

ANSWER: This matter has been investigated on a number of occasions. There is an unavoidable bottle neck at the junction with the Glencar Road. However there is a new layout plan which has been agreed at planning permission stage to improve the accessibility for vehicles and pedestrian safety in the vicinity of the main entrance, as part of the new extension for the school.