August 27, 2012
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WHAT a difference a year makes – from so-called ‘puke football’ to the Barcelona of the GAA!

That’s what the pundits are saying today after Donegal’s superb All-Ireland semi-final win over Cork on Sunday.

Double All-Ireland winner Tony Davis stood by his insistence that Donegal played awful defensive gaelic football last year.

But he has changed his mind now about this year’s team – and reckons Donegal play GAA the way Barcelona play soccer!

For McHugh, think Messi, he says.

High praise indeed.

Asked about how Donegal could smother attacks and then break out into attack, Davis said: “That’s the whole key to how Donegal play; it’s like watching Barcelona play – they get the ball back and break out.”

Dinny Allen, the legendary Cork dual player – he won four all-Irelands at football  – is regarded as one of the greatest gaelic stars of all-time.

Asked about how Jim McGuinness and his staff had moulded this Donegal team, Dinny said: “It was wonderful to watch.

“I don’t like speaking of other codes but it was like watching a top continental European soccer team, the way they defend, take possession and break out.

“They were the better team on the day and played some great football.”

From a legend like Allen, it doesn’t get any better.

The whole county is buzzing today as Donegal contemplates only our second ever All-Ireland final.

Thoughts are already turning to tickets, with fans hoping Mayo can see off Dublin – fearing the Dubs will mop up tickets for the final in four weeks time.

Let the scramble begin.




    Please dont make fun of the best club side the world has ever seen.
    Donegal were amazing yesterday, but comparing them to Barcelona, your having a laugh. for gods sake, they omly won 5 games.Its nice that Dinny Allen,Tony Davis and even Martin is now talking about the Worlds Greatest Game (SOCCER)

    1. I realise my eye sight is not what it used to be, I thought I was reading about some one called Jim Mc Guinness , I realise now he is actually Jim Mc Genius !
      Well done to all the lads ,the game was a thing of beauty, We are all getting ready to party like its 1992!
      This Donegal team will be the catalyst for taking the game of Gaelic football to another level
      It is now up to other counties and coaches to develope accordingly, either to counter our game or go beyond it, but there is no one stopping us this year

  2. I agree with Barca – unfair to compare Gaelic football with soccer. Gaelic football being the better game.

  3. Better you say Sean,
    I won’t even comment after the weekend Donegal had.It wouldn’t be fair.
    Just say i’ll make a comment after the final.
    All blood sport should be banned.

  4. The players who wear the county jersey are playing for the pride and honour of their home parish, those who play soccer at the highest level are playing for obscene fat pay cheques.

  5. May I take this oppertunity to congratulate Team Donegal on the finest 70+ mins of pure refined gaelic football I hav ever witnessed. Every single player from team (subs included) management team, take a bow. Big Niel’s finest day in green n gold and what a day 2 do it,”The Rebels” met their match in midfield. In the heat of battle august 2012 the men 4m da hills slayed the rebels back 2 the lovely Lee. 20 years of “so nearlys” swept away in just ovr 1 hours joy. Blood, Sweat and finally tears of joy at making the 3rd Sunday in September all on show. Congrats 2 Jim and his TEAM and the very best wishes 4 yur next trip 2 the hallowed turf of croker. A repeat performance will b sufficient, and weel party til the recession is over!!! (xavi, messi and alonso r on da hunt 4 tickets. Dream on Barca, this is 4 men not 4 divers )

  6. For god sake, you cant even kick a ball off the ground now, you need a marker. cop on sean with the fada. haha. €80 for a ticket (daylight robbery) good job i get mine free. the 1st match this year for me. so unfair to fans who have watched the county play. haha. dont like the game but i’ll go up all the same

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