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  1. Kev mc glynn on said:

    Thanks so much Jim it’s a real credit ta u, ur staff and of course the entire panel for all you’s ave done. What an achievement.I know it’s all bout the players and our county. Thanks to every1 that made it possible.

  2. i’ll second that kev… legend of a man.. its such a weightof everyones shoulder..

    • Frances Boyle on said:

      Jim you got him in the long grass, good for you and thanks for bringing home the jewel. the entire Donegal community feels nothing but pride at what you and your team achieved yesterday. Maith thú.

  3. Preachán on said:

    The ideal way to deal with reporters who
    are not over concerned with facts and truth.
    Maith Thú!

  4. Well done Jim. Why should somebody that tried to upset the work that Jim was doing for the county enjoy the celebrations that that work brought.

  5. Well done Jim people like that reporter dont deserve to sit in the same room as a decent, dignified, and well mannered man like yourself,a credit to Donegal and Glenties.

  6. Tommy Canning on said:

    Bred in Ballindrait Lifford off good stock.Jim mother was a neighbour of ours in Ballindrait …..McGuinness-Lafferty……a true Donegal man.

  7. John Duffy on said:

    Jim you and your entire backroom team have instilled so much pride in our football not just at home but all over the world where Donegal people gather!

  8. Well done Jim and all the team and background staff from the water men to the kit men, And Jim 100% backing of what you did at the Press Conference. Thanks for giving us a great year of football. you and your team are a credit to the County of Donegal.

  9. Margaret Fleming on said:

    Well said Jim. So so proud of you and all the team for putting donegal up there to bring Sam back. A great achievement. Congratulations!

  10. Jim some people just get it so wrong but hey you just got it so right. Your positivity has a ripple effect and has been evident in Donegal all week go raibh mile maith agat. A huge thanks to the team and all cocerned.Welcome home Sam!!!

  11. Mary Clinton on said:

    Mary Clinton, A-CEART would like to concur with all the above comments and congratulations for Jim Mc Guinness and his entire crew…Jim is a man of principle, good character, dignity & patience…an inspiration to his team & so many young men…a confidence builder for his team…well done Jim…wish there was one like you in every county in Ireland…maybe we would have much less casualties of young men on our roads and elsewhere….many congrats to all again and keep up the great work…Mary Clinton.

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