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  1. Inishowen on said:

    Kinda late for people with kids and having to travel for 2 hours.. It’d be worth it but still kinda late…

    • I agree. Would have loved to take my boys ( who are both big into their football and hurling.) down to welcome the team home, but they have to be up tomorrow morning at 7 to catch the school bus so its a no no. Still I hope everybody in Donegal Town has a great night and look forward to seeing Sam when he comes to Letterkenny.

  2. Can someone video and put on YouTube for us Donegal natives that can’t be there :(

  3. Fair Play on said:

    Yeah, that’s what I thought too! I’d considered taking the wee girl but it’s a long run to Donegal town for her. I was hoping that the Letterkenny camp would win the toss this time – it’s a fairer journey for most people in Donegal.

  4. Jimmy’s won the matches…
    Jimmy’s won the games…
    Jimmy’s built a team to do it all next year again!!!

  5. jimmy letterkenny on said:

    Well Done lads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Inishowen giving out as usual

  6. Town Boy on said:

    Any idea on parking arragements/traffic control for getting in and out to the event.
    I dont want to have to make the children walk for hours in the rain.

  7. Des Travers on said:

    I have lived in California for more than 30 years after emmigrating from Bundoran, via England. There is a pub in Laguna Niguel called Patsy’s Irish Pub where proudly displayed on the wall is a picture of the Donegal team with Brian Mc Eniff, my childhood best friend, raising aloft the trophy!
    Nobody there, encluding the owner, knows why that picture is displayed but it brings back many fond memories every time I raise my pint in silent toast!
    Congratulations to the new band of heroes who currently achieved their tremendous victory! Let them know that their journey to success is not confined to the mother country!

  8. The team has just arrived in the Kilmore, Cavan. They will then proceed to Newtownbutler in Fermanagh and then travel through Fermanagh to Donegal. Anyone know where they will travel to in Fermanagh after leaving Newtownbutler?

  9. is it being televised or is there any online link to watch it ?

  10. donegal win

  11. Rev. Padraig Mannion on said:

    Congratulations to the whole of County Donegal on the All-Ireland. Through the kindness of Stephen Friel, I had the honor of meeting and visiting with James McGuinness, and found him to be the quintessence of a gentleman as well as a football genius! Irish Americans are proud as well, and wish you over there all the best. Years ago, I was friends with Teddy Webb (of Mayo), and since then, with Manager Friel’s help, have tried to follow a bit of the real football as they play it in Donegal – and as you have proven — no county does it better! Congrats to all, Best, Sagart Padraig Mannion (Theology Division Chair, Walsh University, North Canton, OH.).

  12. are they comeing to letterkenny tomorrow night?

  13. Micheal Feeney on said:

    Listened to the game here in Brazil-I was travelling back here in ´92 when Donegal won for the first time.Let´s shout for Antrim,Leitrim and other counties that they get a crack at Sam someday!!

  14. Channel 192 on sky I think @ 8.00pm

  15. it’s on sky channel 192 from 8 till eleven

  16. it will be televised on sky showcase 2 (192) from 8pm

  17. Hope this is an omen of great things for Donegal,so proud to be a donegal man tonight,Enda was a bit miffed looking when they won,who cares They deserved to win and commiserations to Mayo who did very well,just wasent to be,but they will get there chance again im sure,Donegal waited 20 years,but was worth the wait,amazing.

  18. Great night for Donegal,but also a little sad when you think a young player from Ardara lost his life in Australia a few months ago, also called maguire say a little prayer for him and his family on this great night for sam, Thomas would have been cheering them on.

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