September 26, 2012
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22:51 UPDATED: The victorious Donegal team is en route to Dungloe and is expected there around about 11.20pm, though this may be a bit later.

Earlier the team stopped at the McGee family home in Dore where a massive crowd were there to greet them.

They also had a meal at the Seaview before going to CLG Gaoth Dobhair.

Estimated times:

Dungloe – 11.20pm


Na Rossa – 12.10 pm


Glenties – 1am




  1. Fair Play to the Team and all backroom boys for spending time with the supporters. Pity the County Board couldn’t arrange the tour to allow for all the stops and put less pressure of all concerned. I mean “Sam” is not going anywhere for at least a year, if at all in next few years. Why couldn’t they sit down and liaise with all the clubs and work out a proper time schedule to suit all. Or is that not in the dictators remit.

    1. Doesn’t matter what’s done, someone will always have a complaint, and I’d wager it’d be more than just someone. Next week, the week after, the month after etc etc, the high of the win will have started to leave people’s mind, especially those that traditionally hadn’t much interest in GAA before the Semi’s. Better for the fans and the staff/players to do this sort of thing when the wave of euphoria is at it’s peak. It’s a much more memorable experience allround that way.

  2. These guys need a rest. They have done us proud! As ‘Joe’ says ‘Sam’ is staying with us for at least a year, hopefully more! Let’s just savour the moment(s). They need to get ‘home’ for a few days, then let’s hail them for what they have done for this County!
    We need more guys like these, but just give them some ‘time-out’ for a few days. They’ll come back refreshed! Magical result! Up Dún na nGall! Boondocks xx

  3. Boys just a Seaview Hotel now, think they are having something to eat before heading to Gweedore GAA. Came through Dore, home of the three McGee boys, and were stopped there for a while. Atmosphere magical.

  4. Well done to all The team. Spent a long time in creeslough signing shirts and getting their photos taken with all the children. They’re such lovely young lads. I know people don’t want to be waiting around for them but with so many turning out to see them it’s very hard for them to leave.

    1. Hello Sam, I’m with you on that! You’re here to stay for a while. Give the guys a break. We’ll be celebrating for the next year + so what’s the rush! We’ll see you in your own good time. Boondocks xx

  5. I just spoke to Donal Sharkey secretary of Naomh Mhuire they are now expecting Sam and the team in the Banks at 10.10

  6. Jim and the team obviously want to thank people who supported them in various ways throughout the campaign.It’s pay-back time. That’s why they’re spending so much time in each town. It won’t be the same next week when I assume most of the players will be back at work or college. Fair play to them for making this effort. We salute you all!

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