September 26, 2012
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UPDATED: YOU have to salute Jim McGuinness and his players again.

They’re determined to make sure each and every fan on every road and byway of this county gets to see the Sam Maguire and savour this wonderful success.

So it was no surprise that Day One of the World Tour of Donegal took a few hours longer than hoped.

And a journey which began this morning in Bundoran ended an incredible 12 hours later on the streets of Letterkenny, four and a half hours after the scheduled arrival.

The humour and good will from the players has been astonishing; stopping to talk to fans, signing autographs and most importantly of all, posing for pictures with the Sam Maguire.

It was a frustrating day too unfortunately; the Glenswilly reception had to be postponed because of the lateness of the hour.

And many younger fans in Ballybofey and Letterkenny couldn’t wait any longer and were tucked away in bed.

But there will be other days and nights like this.

Dermot ‘Brick’ Molloy tweeted on arrival: “Don’t worry, I’m on my way to Letterkenny. I’ll crack a smile when I’m standing next to you.”

Paul Carr from the St Eunan’s club and Jim McGlynn from Letterkenny Gaels welcomed the county team to the town.

And Mayor Dessie Larkin joked: “Carlsberg don’t do All-Irelands, but McGuinness does.”

If the players were tired, they weren’t showing it – enjoying every moment.

Manager Jim McGuinness once again paid a warm tribute to all of those who had waited so long to see the team.

And of course Rory Gallagher was there to get the crowd into Jimmy’s Winning Matches.


  1. They’re determined to make sure each and every fan on every road and byway of this county gets to see the Sam Maguire and savour this wonderful success……..

    It’s a shame that they couldn’t make it to the home of the club with the biggest allocation of tickets after St Eunans??????

  2. A big big fair play to the Donegal Team, I don’t know how they did a day like today, the people in charge of the arrangments i.e the board should have known better and had a better plan, a real shame for all the disappointed kids in letterkenny 2night.

  3. Proud Letterkenny man but more importantly a proud Donegal man tonight! What an awesome homecoming. The buzz, the noise, kids of ages 4, 5, and 6 still waving flags at 1am. Car horns still going at 1.30am. Fantastic. And Rory Gallagher singing Jimmy’s winning matches with Rory Kavanagh and Kevin Rafferty. Class night and the rain just about stayed off.

    “Carlsberg don’t do All-Ireland’s, but McGuinness does” – Dessie Larkin, Town Mayor.

  4. Great team, great Manager, what else would we expect……CONGRATULATIONS DONEGAL….

    Susan Connolly
    in TORONTO

  5. In all fairness, Letterkenny should have been the first place they went to! Tonight was great but it was far too late. Lk is bigger than bundoran, ballyshannon, donegal town and ballybofey and any other small town put together and yet it 1am before they got here. It was fantastic to see the team here tonight but if it was thought out properly without gaa politics involved there would have been 30,000 people out in lk to welcome the team home. The Donegal Town stage looked like something outta Father Ted lastnight, Lk managed to put on a professional show.

    1. Still whinging in LK I see….just where would you have put the 30,000 people…this is pathetic….ye made a laughing stock of the county three weeks before the final …and ye are still at it….cop on

  6. Seriously ppl need to wise up this is 1 of donegals happiest moments an all u hear is winge winge winge bout them being late. There will be other chances to see the boys an the cup. They will be round the clubs with it again I’m sure.

  7. Do we only have Sam on loan for a couple of days? Why are the orgsnisers rushing everything. It’s frustrating for both fans and I’m sure the players. I hope today they evaluate what has happened and review their timetable for today. I’m sure that’s what Jim would do!

  8. We can’t expect these players to continue this pace. Think about their poor families who may not have seen them since Friday

  9. I sat down here at my computer to have a rant at the co board and the arrangements of Sam Maguire coming that late to Ballybofey letterkenny and Glenswilly but rather than do that I’m going to suggest something postive why don’t the co board have a big day this sunday in the Ballymaccool park Letterkenny for around 3. o clock i think it over 20 acres out there it not that far to walk from the town centre and all the small kids can enjoy seeing the Sam Maguire and our great team.. at a decent time of the day so glad I wrote something positive here rather than something negative I suppose it the effect the team and management are having on us all long may it continue

  10. Well done to the “father” who posted the positve suggestions – so nice to see someone thinking about what can be done rather than moaning…..also kudos to all the wives, partner, girfriends, kids of the team for being so patient and waiting for them to do this tour! Thank you to all those people.

    1. Well said berine and that father comments couldn’t agree more I think the idea of a big day out is a good one there nothing like a big gathering to create a great buss especially when you hear the singing and cheering come on co board now your chance to do something great the young fan and players and management deserve it…

  11. One of the greatest moments in the history of our county! The county board, Jim Mc Guinness & his team are doing their best…times & schedules are impossible to keep! And you can be sure there will be no disappointed children as these guys will be visiting every highway & byway across the county over the coming weeks. What a feeling…Go on Donegal!

  12. areyoufromthetown

    How did the stage in donegal Town look like something out of father ted? Cop on. Such negativity just because they did not make it until 1am. Why should Letterkenny be the first place?

  13. The Senior County Championship, Round 1 begins this weekend, so the Players aren’t available. The Players deserve to get the Tour over rather than it being prolonged another week or two. I can’t believe that people are giving out about the time SAM arrives. We won the All-Ireland, I’m sure the People of Mayo wouldn’t mind what time the Cup arrived in Ballina as long as they had won it. Kids will see the cup in Their schools. Whilst it is ‘t the same, they will get the opportunity. Can people please stop finding a negative aspect to such a POSITIVE result and outcome for our County. Dún Na nGall Abú.

  14. why do letterkenny people think they are better than the rest of the towns in donegal.monday night in donegal town was excellently run and after all it was the players who chose to return for having something this sunday ,all these players will be playing club championship this weekend.perhaps parents should take their children to these games.a lot of people got on a very large bandwagon over the last few weeks.we ll see how many have got off again by sunday.

  15. I fell sorry for the players, they have done their bit, they should have been given a few days off, they must be wrecked. As for the comments about going to Letterkenny first, why should ye be the first!

  16. Sure will SAM not be in O DONNELL on Saturday, if the team came personally to ur houses ye would still be giving out.. We done to Donegal team for bringing such a buss to the country. Some people just live their life’s being sad…

  17. Some of the moaners on here really want to take a good look at themselves. Actually read what you’ve just written and think about it. Donegal have won Sam McGuire for the first time in 20 years and this is the sort of shite that people are coming out with. Granted it appears the organisers gave the squad too tight of a schedule, but to start fighting amongst ourselves like a bunch of schools kids. “Oh our town is better than your town bla bla bla”. This exact attitude is the reason why Donegal didn’t win Sam for 20 years. Clubs, players and people from different towns wouldn’t unite behind the team. Can you imagine if Donegal went into the Championship reflecting the type of attitude some of you have shown. Jim McGuinness took a broken bunch of players, players who were down and some of them not even getting along with each other. He united the team into one big family and delivered Sam to the hills. You bunch are pathetic. I am over here in Toronto and could not get home for the game. There’s Donegal fans all over the world that would have given their right arm to stand in Letterkenny at 1 am to meet Sam. Ok organisers need to sort things out but you moaners need to shut up and start coming together as a County. Absolutely pathetic and very embarrassing.

    On a more positive note, Jim McGuiness and the Donegal squad, thank you for giving us one of the greatest days in Donegal’s history.

  18. What a fantastic show in Donegal Town, despite the rain, well done to organisers, for having
    such a line up before our heroic team arrived.
    Coping with 25,000+ people just shows what
    a great town it is!!Well done to all involved.

  19. well said shaun. no matter what they do they wont please everyone. you should just be happy that donegal won the sam. in time every1 will have had their chance to see it and the players.

  20. Well said Shaun. Selfishness is astounding! Think of the past few days the players have just put in? Do they not deserve to get the chance to get to bed at a reasonable time, get some time to themselves and time with their family? the commitment they have put in over the last 2 years has been unreal yet they still turn up with smiles on their faces and happy to meet people!

    Such childish things written about other towns can only devisive(prob wot the sad individuals are trying to do). So to everyone who is delighted the DONEGAL are now ALL IRELAND CHAMPIONS let these people live their unhappy lives and dont acknowledge their moans.

    Big thanks to Jim the players and everyone involved in such a memorable time!!! 😉 H’up Donegal

  21. I think we should let them go to bed for a week. Sam won’t be going anywhere for a while. Let them sleep and then we can all sing jimmys winning matches!

  22. From a Glenties man down here in New Zealand
    well done Jim Mc Guinness & all the Donegal team we are very proud of you all

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