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  1. H Irvine on said:

    What is the hurry to get around the Country??
    The players need a rest after the great win/

  2. Ruth Connors on said:

    why ain’t yous coming to milford??? half of milford are waiting !! im shocked and annoyed over this

  3. Shouldnt someone take more control over the unrelistic schedule? Players bound to be exhausted. The expected crowds should have also been taken into account, especially after yesterday.

  4. Have to agree witht eh alst comment. What’s the rush. Be a bit more realistic with the schedule and everything would be grand. Allowing for travel you are giving about 10 mins per town…that’s never going to happen.

  5. Sue McGlynn on said:

    Maggie says
    Their intinary was not properly done out.
    They should have been allowed to stay over in
    the south west of the county yesterday and
    cover all the towns and then come to the North West of the county on Wednesday.

    To arrange a route yesterday frpm Ardara to
    Ballybofey and then Letterkenny was crazy.
    My God, Glenties should have been on the list
    yesterday after Ardara their next town,the
    home of The Manager.
    What member of the County Board done out this
    schedule, they must be from another county.
    My heart goes out to the players they must be

  6. Charlie Tighe on said:

    Well done Donegal, as a Tyrone man I didn’t mind waiting for hours to welcome back our team after their All Ireland victories.
    Does anyone know when the GOAL charity match will be played. Remember being at the ’92 game against Dublin.

  7. Betty Holmes on said:

    Firstly sincere congrats to Jim & the team….their amazing achievements shouldn’t get lost. Regarding the timetable….well folks who ever put it together with respect would need to take a good look at it. Approx 45 minutes between each place…driving time alone will take a big part of this….
    so please who ever drew up the timetable maybe go back and re-do it with realistic times please. Up Donegal!!

  8. Id say the rush is because the players have jobs to go back to, they cant spend the next two weeks getting around donegal.

    That said the schedule should be more realistic or should group towns together

  9. Feel so sorry for the team, they are bound to be exhausted. It’s a long year to get round to all the clubs!!!

  10. Have to agree that schedule laid out is totally unrealistic, doesn’t allow for stops in towns. The boys must be shattered. I know kids in the smaller towns got to meet their fans, but we were in Donegal on Monday night and Letterkenny last night and there was no chance for kids to get photos or get to meet the fans. Such a pity this wasn’t better organised for both the boys and the fans.

  11. Sarah sharkey on said:

    Wish people would stop moaning !!!! Well done lads…they must be exhausted..they haven’t stopped since Sunday and they are going out of their way to go around the county…the moaners should just stay at home !!!

  12. Ridiculous schedule. What idiot planned this schedule.I waited in Letterkenny for 4 hours last night. Glenswilly at least had the decency to cancel. It’s the kids that I felt sorry for. What is the RUSH. We have SAM for a year. The team should have a few days rest and go home to their families. They could come out then and do a few bigger venues like Letterkenny, Mac Cumhaills, Buncrana and gweedore over a longer period.

  13. Yes, we have ‘Sam’ for the next year, but it’s not just Sam that people want to see (the local postman could bring Sam around), but the heroes who have brought ‘him’ back to the county and their charismatic manager. Most of these people won’t be available next week. It will be difficult to get back to work, but at least they’ll have to turn up!

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