September 30, 2012
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The controversy surrounding the Donegal team’s brief appearance on RTE’s Late Late Show has been reignited by one of Ireland’s top broadcasters.

Well-known and hugely respected former UTV sports commentator Adrian Logan has branded the interview a disgrace.

Logan, affectionately known as Logie, tweeted that RTE should forget about interviewing All-Ireland champions if this was the best they could do.

He tweeted “Ryan Tubridy’s so-called interview with Donegal was a disgrace. If that’s the best he and RTE can do then forget about it.”

Many of Donegal’s army of fans are outraged after their team’s very brief appearance on RTE’s Late Late Show.

The team made the 300 mile round-trip on Friday for the show but were only given a little more than four minutes of television time by host Ryan Tubridy.

The RTE appearance came after the team had completed a marathon four day bus journey across Donegal visiting most of its towns and village with the Sam Maguire Cup.

Captain Michael Murphy and manager Jim McGuinness were interviewed on the floor of the RTE studio with the entire team behind them.

However this compares to a full fourteen minute sit-down interview with last year’s champions Dublin.

Fans have jammed social media sites complaining about the Donegal side’s treatment.

While none of the Donegal team or management have expressed an opinion on the rapid appearance, many of their fans are annoyed.




  1. Total disgrace.
    Speak with your feet…
    Switch to another channel and don’t watch the Late Late Show or listen to the lankey streak of miseries radio programme.

  2. Come on guys, Jim said he wanted the whole team involved in what ever they did and thats why they didn’t do what Dublin did, with the manager and 2 players doing a full interview…something they were offered!!!

  3. this is typical of the type of bias and total disregard for our county given by the so called national broadcaster for years. not just in sport coverage but also in general news and events. how many times have we seen events covered by bbc ni and not a mention on rte? doesn’t surprise me in the slightest!

  4. well said aidan

    total joke but typical of that plonker tubridy

    if the dubs had won the show would have been all about them

  5. Speaking as a dub living in Donegal. Im struggling to know where this “Anti Donegal” crap comes from , To be honest I feel lately its the other way around. I was approached in my home and told to remove my flag (flying both flags) , and get all the snide comments , and yet the majority of dubs actually cheered on Donegal.

    1. Folks dont mix up Tubriddy with Dublin supporters or GAA team.
      The Late, Late Show re Donegal team was a disgrace – to take the full Donegal squad and management all the way to Dublin for less than a 3 mins interview with a host that was not interested should not be loaded as a slurr on the Dubs who 1
      are a fine team and 2 whose supporters are probably the best in the land — any Dub that I met prior, during or since the match were most generous in their support for Donegal

    2. now now folks don’t take it out on the Dublin people, I know for a fact that a lot of them were cheering for Donegal. But I do agree that the interview was not an interview it was a disgrace and the cheek of tubs to call us refugees he should be sacked. the players deserved better after all they are all Ireland champs. Donegal is out on it’s own where actions speak louder than word and the team showed us that last Sunday, so perhaps tubs knew that Donegal does not need to shout about what they done. in Donegal we are out on our own used to action to show the world how great we are. I always watched the show but not any more. well done boys we are so proud of you’s you made me proud to be from Donegal !!!!

  6. would be a great supporter of ryan for wat he dose for irish music act but after friday nite disgrace i have changed my opinion

  7. It was a joke, alright. The whole team came in like a herd of cows, spoken to briefly and then told to go.

    I noticed Martin McHugh in the audience. Ryan could have brought him into the conversation since he won the Sam Maguire cup 20 years ago and now his son won it as well.

    I noticed Donegal supporters in the audience. They could also have been brought in for their views on the win. I wasn’t impressed at all.

    I think it is all to do with the fact that Ryan is not into sport and wouldn’t know how to kick a ball. There was no preparation at all with the interview and the questions Ryan posed were abysmal.

  8. tub is a dickhead. taking the donegal team 2 Dublin 4 that children were up 2 c the team and could not believe that was it . we will not watch it again

  9. I just wonder how much time will he give to Kilkenny, this week, and what sort of questions will he ask?
    As far as I am concerned, the Late Late Show, died when Gay Byrne left…

  10. Yes I usually enjoy Latelate and its host but so……… disappointed with Ryan firstly referring to the Manager and Donegal team as REFUGEES! WHY??? What an insult!!!! Secondly why take a very tired team to Dublin, some 200 miles away to insult them and if you blinked, you would miss the so-called interview! Ryan you owe an apology, also why not involve Martin Mc Hugh and some more Donegal supporters in the conversation. It was a SHAM! Get you act together Ryan and be prepared, it was so.. unprofessional!

  11. I never had much time for Ryan Tubridy and i will have less now. His comments showed a complete lack of breeding and manners

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