November 18, 2012

Donegal soccer star Seamus Coleman has become the target of internet hatred after he gave away a penalty for Everton in the Premiership.

The Killybegs man made a clumsy challenge on Adam Le Fondre which gave Reading a 2-1 win in the Premiership.

The loss resulted in Everton fans taking to the internet and dishing out a flurry of anti-Irish rants.

The attacks has led Everton to defend the star and issue a strong condemnation of the attacks.

Everton spokesman Darren Griffiths said the club are striving to stamp out such abuse.

“We 100% abhor every single one of these comments made by mindless individuals who have shown no respect for the strong Irish links Everton has with all its Irish supporters.

“As a football club we have enjoyed a strong relationship with Irish players throughout the years and we enjoy a great support throughout the country.

“Unfortunately we live in an age where social media allows these faceless individuals the opportunity to abuse people like this as and when they feel like it,” he said.