November 20, 2012
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Exclusive: A formal investigation into allegations that Senator Brian O Domhnaill over-claimed for expenses while a Donegal County Councillor is to be carried out, Donegal Daily can reveal.

We have learned the Standards in Public Office Commission has decided to investigate the claims sent in an anonymous letter against the Donegal public representative.

It follows an informal investigation by SIPOC investigating officer Paddy Walsh.

Mr Walsh has now officially sent his findings to his senior officers at the commission office and recommended a formal investigation be carried out.

On November 12th, he officially recommended that a full, formal investigation be carried out.

A number of senior Donegal County Council officials including County Manager Seamus Neely have been made aware of the formal hearing.

Commission Secretary David Waddell has contacted officials by letter to inform them of the investigation.

The hearing is to be held at the Standards in Public Office Commission offices in Leeson Street.

A date for the hearing has yet to be set.

Senator O Domhnaill has claimed in the past that he is the victim of a political smear campaign.



  1. I have no political affiliation either way, but I can claim from experience that Mr O’ Domhnaill is one hard working dude on behalf of his constituents, so I would most likely go along with what he claims that this is a targeted smear campaign. If he has his house in order, he has little to fear.

  2. He’s the hardest work public representatives Donegal has and makes the most sense I wonder why someone would try blacken his name I think we all know the answer but what they don’t realise is Donegal people are different to the rest of the country as was proved in the last few referendums we seem to know beyond bluff

  3. People are very quick to support the senator before the outcome of the investigation. If he is cleared of any dodgy dealing i hope he receives an apology, if on the other hand he isn,t cleared im sure he will do the honourable thing and resign, then he can pay back the money and suffer the legal consequences?

  4. What constitutes a hard working representative? All i see out of the Senator is the same old rubbish like turning up at functions to get his picture in the paper or attending funerals etc It would fit the Senator better to spend more time in the Senate actually doing his job and leave the local and parish pump politics to the Co. Councillors!!!

    1. Naill have you gone to the senator to look for help then you can judge I have attended one of his clinics and found him very knowledgeable and helpful he had me pointed on the right direction in a matter of days remember politics is a very dirty game and someone somewhere see this hard working guy as a treat

  5. No surprise from Pearce Doherty then.He likes to tweet a lot.
    Give this politician a chance before you crucify him.

    1. Don’t know why they’re picking on poor wee Brian.
      The dogs in the street know that they’re ALL at it.

      But for all the great FF supporters out there – take
      a wee look at this link


      This is the result of FF policies.

  6. I don’t go to politicians looking for help. And if I did I would rather annoy a councillor as I realise the role of TDs and Senators is about policies and running the country and not spoonfeeding citizens. I go through the right channels, maybe if others did the same politicians could actually do their job and not act like social workers. What help did you need? Have you ever heard of the citizens advice centre!!! I suppose it was to get a passport a few days earlier!!!!

  7. Poor wee Brian is right, the man to get you your passport form filled it in or it a week early, he will raise the green flag at your local school and attend every funeral in the county. He will do all this while cutting SW, education health, raising taxes and everything else people rely on to get by!!

    1. Naill cam down I went to c/advice couldn’t help to 2 td couldn’t help 4 co counicillor couldn’t help I didn’t even know senator o domhnaill it was a friend at work who told me

    2. Naill cam down I went to c/advice couldn’t help to 2 td couldn’t help 4 co counicillor couldn’t help I didn’t even know senator o domhnaill it was a friend at work who told me How good of a worker he was and she was right

  8. Innocent until proven guilty. There has been quite a campaign against this relatively young politician. I mat him a few times. came across as a nice guy, knowledgeable and very helpful. However, I didn’t vote for him given the disaster that his party inflicted on the country. I hope these claims are unfounded as he is quite a bit better than other politicians from the county.

  9. Well thats whats wrong with this country. If we had proper services and political system we would have proper politicians and not glorified social workers like the Senator. He has contributed nothing to national politics or the recent crisis and should stick to local politics in Lifford where it belongs.

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