March 4, 2013
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photo copyLATEST: Anti-austerity campaigners attacked the Taoiseach’s car as he left Letterkenny this evening.

Around 30 protestors remained at the LYIT campus to wait for Enda Kenny to leave the building after delivering a speech to the British Irish Parliamentary Assembly.

Scottish, English and Welsh politicians as well as representatives from the Isle of Man, Jersey and the North were all heckled during the protest.

Former Mayor Cllr Noel McBride was also the victim of foul-mouthed abuse.

As Mr Kenny left the building with TDs Dinny McGinley and Joe McHugh, the protestors began shouting abuse.

As the Taoiseach’s driver attempted to drive off, the protestors surrounded his car, some of them banging on the roof and the doors.

Gardai managed to clear the road so the Taoiseach could leave the area.

Earlier around 30 protestors had chased a car thinking Mr Kenny was inside that vehicle, but he was still inside the building delivering his speech.



  1. Typical politician, runs for his life when faced with a wee bit of aggro. Spends an hour talking rubbish to people who couldnt care less about our country then pisses off back to Dublin as quick as possible to get a few rounds into him in the dail bar with howlin and shatter and the lads. If you had hung around Enda there is something I wanted to ask you, where are these jobs you keep waffling about??????? Please tell us so I can go and get one so I can pay you your household tax and your property tax otherwise Im going to have to delve into the trocaire box for a few quid!!!!! Yes Enda some of us really are that flat broke.

  2. my god where have all the protestors gone, less than 30 today people are getting sence and know we have all to work together to get us and our grandchildren out of this fianna fail created mess.

  3. I see that the protestors are so proud of their actions they have started wearing masks.They just cant admit that they have lost,and have cost a lot of people who believed in them a lot of money

  4. Shameful display by these protestors. They are the real disgrace. The people have a right to protest yes as it is democratic, but to turn into hooligans isn’t democratic or acceptable.

  5. Is this not a bit biased report, how about reporting on the frustrated citizens of Donegal who have been continuously been let down by their elected government representatives and they get called thugs for expressing their anger at the leader of the country. The public media needs to be shown on all sides not on the popular vote

  6. Spiderman’s tailor must be struggling with this austerity as well by the looks…

  7. Disgrace to Donegal? You mean our own politicians are a disgrace to Donegal.what benefit is this waste of money to donegal. They’re up for a free night free food drink in a lovely scenic hotel rubbing our faces in it in one of the most deprived Counties in Ireland.

    1. @ Joe coyle

      The people that are prostesting are the very same people who voted them into power!

      So fair play to the taoiseach for living the high life since it was the prostesters who voted him in the first place.

  8. I notice Spiderman has tattoos on his right hand so no doubt hes a bit of a hooligan which is why he is out protesting!

  9. Well done to all involved. Just a shame the 300 plus students who marched not so long ago to protest against college fees couldnt be bothered to appear when he was on the doorstep. And the people who call this a disgrace, proper Irish that, lie down and take it all, sssshhhhh, say nothing, you might upset someone. Man up a wee bit people and grow a pair…….

  10. Most comments are correct, the protesters made a mockery of the people of donegal. You must be all on Social Welfare when you can protest all the time. And if your not, then i hope your employer will notice you in the photo and get the sack. This is the 2nd protest outside a school and you acted the same way as the last one. Bury your head in the sand and shut up.

    1. ‘bury your head in the sand and shut up’… thats exactly what people like you are doing and thats exactly why governments get away with robbing the people for their own gains, it’s people like you that keep the elite in power.. your a disgrace… or maybe you are one of the elite, the sooner the people of ireland rise up the better. would you have told james connolly to bury his head in the sand and shut up?

  11. these protestors are a joke. i was on my way to the protest but when i arrived and saw who was involved i guy was even wearing a mask. In fact these protests i.e can,t pay wont pay are being destroyed by those running them…i was at the ictu march in sligo and saw a guy remonstrating with gardai over an issue that had nothing to do with him and there he was today at the front of the protest..(ps he couldn’t even show a film last weekend.)..and you know what…most of the protesters there today have probably paid the household charge…they,re just serial anti establishment protesters….muppets…

  12. @ Hunter, “stealing from the people” i think your confusing this government with the last government.
    @ Joe Coyle, do you think that this is absolutly of no benefit to Donegal, do you think there was not one cent spent in donegal, cause if there was id rather see it spent in Donegal than in Dublin, i suppose you would rather see them spend it in dublin and have the lovely scenic hotel closed down.

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