December 6, 2013
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The blade is embedded in the ground
The blade is embedded in the ground

ANOTHER Donegal wind turbine has been smashed – by high winds!

A blade on a turbine at Corkermore wind farm has snapped clean off and embedded in the ground below.

Just a month ago the site was given the go-ahead to add four new turbines by An Bord Pleanala.

The site of the windfarm is nine kilometres north-east of Killybegs.

An appeal was lodged against Donegal County Council awarding permission on a number of grounds including that it didn’t take correct note of public submissions, the impact of low level sound on human health as well as a potential negative impact on the environment, scenic beauty and tourism.

BazO9CcCUAAgFY0.jpg-largeIn its conclusion, An Bord Pleanala said the proposed development would not be likely to have any significant negative impacts on the environment in relation to the landscape, noise emissions, shadow flicker, slope stability, water quality or otherwise.

It concluded the proposed development would therefore be in keeping with proper planning and sustainable development of the area and can go ahead.

The latest turbine smashing incident comes after another one at Maas near Ardara collapsed in March.

On that occasion the owners of that site blamed high winds.

The incident at Corkermore follows a storm yesterday.

No-one has been injured in the incident.



  1. I wonder will we get a formal investigation report from this wind farm incident. How can our Council and Councillors live with themselves having eliminated the setback from wind farms to homes last year while knowing a blade throw or turbine collapse could someday cause serious injury to a person?
    Why aren’t safe setback distances imposed by Donegal Council?

  2. This just goes to show what dangerious things the public have in their areas and dont realise it, what could happen if one was near when one of these blades broke,of course nothing will be done until some farmer or passerby gets killed then Councils and and board pleanalla will have to act when its to late for the poor unfortunate individual who crosses paths with these demonic items We hear enough every day on the dangers of closeness to homes etc but still our ignorant Councils etc plough ahead giving permission to these items in areas where a mad man wouldnd put them wake up for gods sake and put them away in places where they dont pose a danger to human life this is 2 incidents in a very short time,who is responsible for taking care of the people who live near these things or dosent it matter is money that important to these crazy people that life is endangered time and time again.

  3. Hopefully NOW Donegal Co Council will implement proper setbacks between dwellings and wind turbines.
    Turbines are simply not safe close to homes.

  4. Nows the time for all Councilors to do their job and insist that DCC put a correct and legal distance between homes and Wind Farms otherwise we will all pay the price.

  5. Only in Donegal, Where else would you get a council that have removed safe legal distances from homes,Its the legal and moral duty of DonegalCounty Council to make sure the people that they represent are kept safe from harm at all times,why then did this Council and Councillors vote to eliminate all distance from homes its disgusting and very wrong for them to do so,I think people will have to bring law suits against them so that they do the duty they are paid to do.

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