DD Pets: Stop your dog being aggressive – with K9 Academy


 August 9, 2016
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Does your dog exhibit aggressive behaviour towards people or other dogs and animals?

Dog aggression is one of the most difficult things to deal with and should only be done by a professional. Dogs exhibit aggressive behaviour for lots of reasons. Mostly dog aggression spawns from improper socialisation.

Not socialising your dog leads to lack of confidence which in turn produces fear or nervousness. When a dog is frightened they will either do two things fight or flight.

If they have learned that fighting makes the thing that they fear go away they will continue to act aggressively.

If they figure out they can get away they more than likely try to do this when seeing another dog or person that they are afraid of.


How can a dog that has been so happy suddenly become aggressive?

A lot of the time excitement is seen as aggression a dog wants to get over to meet another dog and pulls the owner across the road the owner gets angry tugs at the dogs collar and gives off “bad boy”. Your dog who was excited now thinks this new dog has caused all this punishment and over time with consistency you accidently created a dog that wants to attack a dog.

Small dog syndrome

If you have a small dog that acts aggressively towards other dogs ask yourself a few questions.

Did you think to yourself “it’s fine it’s just a small dog”? This dog doesn’t need socialised.
Have you seen a big dog walking towards you and immediately lift your dog up?

Or have you just made excuses for your dog because it is small “oh he’s harmless his bark is worse than his bite”?

If you answered yes to one or more of these you more than likely have created all your dogs’ insecurities or aggression issues.

Hopefully you can now see that small dog syndrome is not the dog’s syndrome but the owner’s syndrome.

Dog aggression can spawn from so many different places so it is important to achieve some level of socialising and training with your dog before it gets to that stage.

If you are experiencing these issues or any similar it’s important to get in touch with a professional who has experience with aggressive behaviour as this is very dangerous and should not be taking lightly.

Please do not try attempt to train an aggressive dog at home the results could be devastating

Dog Day Care is a place where you can drop your dog off before work and collect them when you are finished. Your dog will socialise, play and exercise with other dogs throughout the day all under the supervision of a Professional Trainer.
Your dog may also benefit from being around a professional trainer and learn some new and good behaviours. Dogs that regularly socialise are less likely to exhibit bad behaviours like reacting to dogs on leads, destroying the house, hyper active or excessive barking.

K9 Academy also offers Dog training, Puppy Classes and Behaviour modification.

Why not drop your dog off for a day off fun and socialising with other dogs in a safe envirnoment while you get going with your busy day.
Dog Day Care -€10per day – €20 for 3 days – €35 for 5 days(mondayfriday).Opening hours 8am – 6:30pm  For anyone that has 2 or more dogs contact for special deals 

If you would like to find out more you can visit the website www.K9academy.ie . Visit the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/callK9academy

Or call 0864468313 or Unit 3 Carrygally Business Park, Lismonaghan, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.