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 October 3, 2016
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Why is it so important to leash your dog in public?

Many people think this is just another nuisance law to abide by. They think there dog is friendly and there is no reason it should be leashed. It may be true you may have a friendly dog but other dogs may not be as friendly. If you see someone walking their dog on a leash you should assume that they and the dog both do not want to be approached by a strange dog.


This weekend I was out on a walk and just up ahead of me I seen a leashed bichon being attacked by a off leash husky. This all could have been prevented if the owner had the leash in his hand actually attached to his dog. The good news is the dog was ok but it was pretty freighted.

Events like these can have a traumatic effect on dogs. Its more than likely this bichon may now start showing aggression through fear to larger dogs if not even small dogs.
Not every dog is ok to be approached by strange dogs regardless of how friendly your dog is.

Why Muzzle a dog?

If any dog has any aggression issues, nervous issues, or shyness with other dogs or people you should muzzle that dog on walks on leash or off leash. If you want to take the muzzle off your dog you should really contact a professional Trainer for help with training to get your dog safe in a public place.
Keep your garden secure

Why should you keep your garden secure and not let your dog wander the streets?

There are many reasons why it’s important to have a fenced and secure yard for your dog. Mostly its common sense. If your dog chases cars you are not just putting your dog in jeopardy but you are also putting drivers on the road at risk of crashing to avoid your dog. I dodge the same dog everyday on my way home from work. If your yard is too big to fence then either buy a dog run or keep your dog leashed unless you have a solid recall.
Check out our k9academy facebook page. Canine good citizen award now taking place for all dogs on Sundays starting Sunday 9th of October.

Meet Ray…….

K9 Academy is run by Ray Breslin who is a Certified and Professional Dog Trainer. Ray has a wealth of experience, education and knowledge in the dog training world. He has trained with some of the top Trainers in Ireland and America. He has competed and titled with his own dogs in competition sports for Obedience, Protection, and Tracking. He has Trained and rehabilitated hundreds of dogs. His training methods are based on motivation which is the same method used to train guide dogs, police dogs and service dogs. He promises success as long as you promise commitment to training.