DD Pets: Getting your dog accustomed to the vet


 November 1, 2016
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Going to the vet can be scary for lots of dogs more often than not this is due to improper training from a young age.

When you get young puppy you should hand feed them while touching and feeling different parts of their body. Keep the food in a closed hand so your puppy can smell the food each time you touch a body part your hand should open and you should reward your puppy. If Possible do this on top of a table and progress by using multiple family members or friends.

When going to the vet ask permission that you practice this while the examination of your puppy takes place. This will create positive associations with getting handled by a veterinarian. Make sure you go for regular checkups with your puppy every six months to keep them in practice.

Do you have an older dog that panics going it the vet?

Don’t worry it’s not a lost cause. Practice the above at home and make regular trips to the veterinary car park do this several times until you see that your dog is happy to get out of the car. Once you have established this you should then progress to the waiting area.


If your dog is making good progress both at home and around the veterinary surgery you should then go for a check up just to practice with your dog. For older dogs this takes time.

Practice from a young age can prevent anxiety, fear, and aggression and can make your dog love going to the vet. You should follow these steps on a regular basis even if you don’t have a vet appointment or routine vaccination coming up. Don’t wait for a problem to occur before beginning training as its always much easier to prevent rather than having to intervene.

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