Warning that parts of Lifford will be without water today


 November 29, 2016
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Householders in the Lifford area have been advised they could be without water for much of today.

The water supply in Lifford and surrounding areas will be disrupted today, Tuesday 29 November 2016 from 9.30am to 5pm.

This is due to infrastructural improvement and essential maintenance works to the existing water supply network.

The following areas will be directly affected by low pressure or potential loss of supply:


Towns/ Villages/ Townlands/ Areas affected

Argery Reservoir

Tieveboy, Gortinreagh, Sheercloon, Guystown,

Ballindrait Village;

Tamnawood, Gortin, Hollands, Mulnagung;

Cavanacor, Tyleford, Rossgier, Cavan Hill, Dromore, Drumleene, Tironeill,
Ratteen, Creatland, Gillystown, Creaghadoos;

Rossgier junction, Edenmore, Coolatee, Porthall, Carrickmore;

Drumnaha, Toberoneill, Calhame;

Milsessiagh, Murlough, Letterkenny Road from Rossgier to Lifford Town;

Lifford & Lifford Town Reservoir

Following estates will be affected within Lifford Town served from Argery Reservoir: St. Jude’s, Hazelwood Drive, Clonleigh, Croghan Heights.

All areas and estates supplied within Lifford Town served from Lifford Town Reservoir will be affected.

Castlefinn/ Stranorlar Road, Conneyburrow, Haw

Areas of high ground within the Lifford area may experience loss of pressure or loss of supply until the works are completed.

In addition, all areas in the Lifford area may experience discoloration on resumption of supply.

Water is a precious resource and we would like to thank the public for their co-operation and patience.