Outrage as stunning Donegal beach used as rubbish dump


 January 5, 2017
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An isolated beach and disused pier close to Ballywhoriskey Bay in Fanad has been used as a dumping ground for sacks of household rubbish.

The beach was used as a post Christmas dumpsite as large sacks of household rubbish, drinks cans, glass bottles and unused food were deposited at the beach days before the New Year.

The isolated pier adjacent to the beach is long since disused but continues to attract many visitors and walkers because of its rugged beauty and isolation.

The discovery of the rubbish was made over the weekend by people out walking and they say they are disgusted by the discovery.

One witness described the situation as a dreadful shame and an insult to the many Fanad people who work hard to maintain the beaches being litter free.

A road runs past the spot where the fly tipping took place and five large plastic bags brimming with beer cans and household waste was thrown out across the rocks and had begun to decay as wildlife tore the bags apart.

The local community has expressed their dismay at this incident and anyone with any information about the incident is asked to contact the relevant authorities immediately.