An Post must retain postal services in Drumkeen – Doherty


 January 8, 2017
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Councillor Liam Doherty has called on An Post to make every effort to ensure that Postal services in Drumkeen can be retained for local residents and businesses.

The Finn Valley based Councillor’s comments come following the announcement this week from An Post that its community Postal Agency in Drumkeen was forced to close suddenly on Wednesday last.

Now customers being advised to travel to Convoy to access postal services.

Cllr Doherty of Sinn Fein said “Immediately following the closure of the local branch here in Drumkeen last week, I contacted An Post to inquire why a decision was taken to terminate the service and also to find out what arrangements would be in place for customers now that their local agency was no longer carrying out these transactions.

“An Post has replied since to state that the Postal Agency in the town was forced to close suddenly last Wednesday, and that its customers and recipients of DSP payments were now being advised to travel to the Post Office in Convoy for transactions and to collect their payments.

“While it is of course important that residents in Drumkeen can access services in their next nearest branch in Convoy, it is unfortunate that the local community has experienced this disruption.”

He added that An Post has informed him that it cannot yet comment or speculate on the future of the Postal Agency in Drumkeen, but the company has said that it will contact him should any developments arise surrounding the fate of the branch.

“I am now calling on An Post to really carefully consider the needs of local residents and businesses here in Drumkeen and to make every possible effort to ensure that postal services are reinstated without delay.

“The closure of any service can be a huge blow to a local community, both economically and socially, and I believe it’s vital that the company realises this and will now fully engages with all interested parties to identify a suitable agent to ensure service provision continues and is retained locally.”