Water joke! Council forced to spend €150,000 on two pumps for flood-hit areas


 February 9, 2017
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Donegal County Council has been forced to spend more than €150,000 on emergency equipment in the event of further flooding across the county.

The two large trailer-mounted pumps will be dispatched to areas under threat by water in freak weather conditions.

Local county councillor Patrick McGowan praised the council on their initiative.

But he said the Government must invest in an overall flood plan for Donegal and not leave it to the council to react to the problem.

Last year more than €1 million in flood damage was caused following severe flooding in the Finn Valley area.

However Councillor McGowan fumed “I believe the Government should have funded this equipment instead of leaving it to Donegal County Council’s own very scarce resources.”

He paid tribute to John McLaughlin, Roads Director and his staff for all their support and commitment to flooded communities, in the absence of Government intervention, he added.