Priest says loss of tragic Danielle McLaughlin is “immense”


 March 15, 2017
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Buncrana priest Fr Francis Bradley said the loss of tragic Danielle McLaughlin was immense.

He said “Her family are understandably distraught. They are a family who have
suffered a lot of loss over the last number of years.

“They are a family who are known well.

“The loss is immense and the circumstances of the death and the
distance adds to the difficulty that the family feel at this time.
They are being supported by Consular staff and being helped in many
ways by quite a few people. It is a huge loss to come to terms with.”

He said he met her a few months ago while her grandfather Joe, with
whom she was very close, was gravely ill.

“She seemed a happy, go-lucky, friendly, quiet girl and she loved to travel.

“The particular nature of the loss in this case is disturbing. To find
that there could be malice or something very sinister involved is
particularly disturbing and will have its own challenge that we,
together as a community, will have to face.

“You would be a machine if you were not to be affected by the loss of
someone so young and the circumstances in which that loss appears to
have taken place.”