Courageous little donkey Timmy won’t be let down


 March 19, 2017
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Timmy the Donkey captured the hearts and minds of the people of Donegal last year when he was born at the Donegal Donkey Sanctuary, now he needs their support once more.

The brave little foal was born in July 2016 with a deformity and his hind legs were bent and twisted, preventing him from standing or feeding normally. In order to help him walk and run, he was fitted with a set of prosthetic shoes which are glued to his tiny hooves using a special adhesive.

Little Timmy was given a lifeline by his kind carers Danny Curran and wife Sandra at the sanctuary in Raphoe and the generous donators who fundraised for his operation. Timmy became a celebrity as a super donkey with bionic legs!

Timmy’s special shoes

Timmy grows stronger everyday and lives a happy life with his mother Twilight, but his care plan is expensive and he needs the help of donators.

Sandra Curran today gave Timmy’s fans an update on his health and renewed the appeal for help towards his care.

“We have been cautiously optimistic about Timmy’s future over the last three months but are delighted to report that he is doing tremendously well and defying all the odds.

“His care plan continues to be intensive with veterinary, equine physiotherapy and farrier costs. This is the toughest time of the year financially here at the sanctuary as our winter feed supplies are dwindling and we are waiting on mild weather and Spring grass to commence the summer grazing season.”

“Any donations towards his continued programme would be gratefully received. Let’s not let this brave little man, who has come so far, down . GO TIMMY!”, Sandra said.

The Donegal Donkey Sanctuary is a non-profit making operation that helps rehabilitate and rehome distressed and unwanted donkeys. They post regular updates on Timmy and all the other donkeys on their Facebook page and run an adoption programme so people can sponsor the care of the animals.  Click here to donate to Little Timmy’s Care fund.

Check out this heart-warming video of Timmy taking his first steps with his new legs last year: just wanted to say 'hi' to all his many supporters! He is one brave little man! Please help him win his battle. Go Timmy!

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