DD Gardening: Talk to your plants… or better still, dance with them!

You may be one of them gardeners who talks away to themselves when you’re tending […]

DD Fitness: The health benefits of coffee

During the week, had an article up with the title, ‘The sneaky reason you […]

DD Motoring: The electrifying Nissan Leaf

At the weekend I had the pleasure of driving the Leaf, an all electric car […]

Maverick’s Men – The ‘eyes’ have it!

Lads, research shows we need to take care of our eyes! Our eyes can tell […]

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DD Motoring: Gary Jennings & Rory Kennedy victorious at Galway Rally!

Five-times-title for Kennedy On Sunday evening Gary Jennings co-driven by Letterkenny’s Rory Kennedy brought his […]

DD Gardening: The glory of snowdrops

I love snowdrops… I mean really love snowdrops – and not just from a gardening […]

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DD Culture: There’s some fantastic reasons to get out of the house, ranging from concerts […]

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As a nation, we are getting busier by the day. During times of increased pressure […]

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Driving this Focus RS was a bit like knowing you were dreaming and afraid you […]

The Mavericks guide to a beautiful beard

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MONEY MATTERS: This week, DD’s Finance columnist Shona Chambers from John McColgan Financial Services looks […]

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I originally wrote this article almost a year ago, but after the controversy of the […]

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I am not surprised that Bus Eireann Expressways are in the crisis they are in. […]

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This past week I’ve been in a few garden centres and everyone has masses of […]

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On Thursday night, the BBC’s Horizon broadcast a documentary; “Clean eating: The Dirty Truth” If […]

Good hair day hacks from Mavericks Traditional Barbershop

January is tough enough to get through with the Christmas hangover, struggling to maintain the […]

DD Motoring: Flying without wings – The new Mercedes-Benz E220 Diesel

I felt a bit like Louis Hamilton as the beautiful lady gave me a Mercedes […]

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MONEY MATTERS: This week, DD’s Finance columnist Shona Chambers from John McColgan Financial Services says […]

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