August 15, 2014

U12 blitzTHE next generation of Donegal’s Ladies footballers will take to the magnificent new pitch at the new Coláiste Ailigh in Letterkenny tomorrow (Saturday) for the All County Donegal Daily U12 blitz.

Twenty two teams from all over Donegal will be taking part in the elite blitz which is being used to help identify potential players for a county development team.

Registration is at 10am sharp.

Rules for the U12 Donegal development blitz

Playing the game

• Each team may have a panel of 11. Teams will not be allowed to register more than 11 players.

• 9-a-side games.

• Unlimited substitutions.

• 15 minute games.

Playing rules

The official rules of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association will apply to all games however the following exceptions will apply:

• The ball may be carried for four steps before bouncing or soloing—players are restricted to two touches i.e one solo, one bounce or two solos

• A player who is fouled takes the free and when an opponent fouls the ball e.g over carrying it, the player nearest to the ball takes the free

• The opponent nearest to where the ball crosses the sideline, takes the sideline kick from the hands

• Opposing players to be at least 5m from the player taking the free kick, sideline kick or kick out. Free kicks should be no closer than 13m from opposing line. No penalty kicks.

• There are no 45’s, any ball behind the end line is a wide ball and will be a goal kick

Note for coaches/mentors:

** Fair play and fun for all participants. Shouting abuse at player or officials will not be tolerated by the organising committee and offenders will be asked to leave the site!

************RESPECT WILL BE THE ORDER OF THE DAY!****************

Here are the fixtures for tomorrow’s games:




 August 13, 2014

unnamedColáiste Ailigh Leaving Certificate students Aisling Ní Bhraoin agus Mollie Nic Fhionntaí celebrate getting 600 points in this year’s examination.

They are being congratulated by the Príomhoide agus Leas Phríomhoide na scoile, Micheál Ó Giobúin agus Úna Ní Bhriain.




 April 27, 2014

It’s a red letter day for Letterkenny secondary school, Colaiste Ailigh, on May 12th next.

Pupils of Colaiste Ailiagh with principal Micheál Ó Giobúin,
Pupils of Colaiste Ailiagh with principal Micheál Ó Giobúin,

Taoiseach Enda Kenny will travel to Donegal to open the school’s new building and will cut the ribbon the project at 11am.

The school is considered one of the most modern in the country since it opened in September last year.

Principal Micheal Gibbons and his staff will be busy getting the school ready for the visit of An Taoiseach.




 April 2, 2014
Ivan Toner
Ivan Toner (file)

THERE was a large turn-out in glorious evening sunshine in Letterkenny last evening for the Coláiste Ailigh 5k run.

A total of 365 runners took part, from first year students to seasoned campaigners.

Letterkenny AC’s Ivan Toner was first to the line in a time of 15:37.

Coláiste Ailigh 5k 2014

Place Race No.Time FirstName SurnameCategory Club

1 412 15.37 Ivan Toner SM Letterkenny A C

2 346 16.53 Kieran McBride SM Letterkenny A C

3 273 16.59 Paul Toner M40 Letterkenny A C

4 297 17.38 Paul Murray SM Individual

5 347 17.47 Paul Doherty SM 24/7 Triathlon

6 283 17.56 Humphrey Murphy M50 Letterkenny A C

7 278 17.58 Paddy McGee SM Individual

8 398 18.10 Peter O’Donnell SM Individual

9 372 18.12 Stewart Magee SM Individual

10 343 18.32 Michael Duffy SM Cranford A C

11 296 18.45 Darren Price SM Letterkenny A C

12 1441 18.51 Ciaran O’Donnell M40 Letterkenny A C

13 1406 18.57 Seamus Nallen SM 24/7 Triathlon

14 279 19.01 Bob Gorbraerts SM Individual

15 481 19.03 Paul Cosgrove M40 Letterkenny A C

16 295 19.11 Damien McGeehan SM 24/7 Triathlon

17 323 19.15 Sinead McIntyre Walker Coláiste Ailigh

18 280 19.16 Ben George SM Letterkenny A C

19 368 19.17 Jeaic Mac Ceallabhuí Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

20 1489 19.21 Dan Friel SM Individual

21 411 19.21 Marty McCabe M40 Individual

22 1445 19.31 Michael Gallagher SM Finn Valley A C

23 483 19.36 Noel Lynch M40 Letterkenny A C

24 384 19.37 Irene McFadden SW Letterkenny A C

25 423 19.41 Sinéad Peoples SW Letterkenny A C

26 431 19.48 Terenc Boyle SM Individual

27 433 19.54 Colly O’Donnell M40 Letterkenny A C

28 1411 19.58 Paul Gildea SM Individual

29 444 19.59 Ciaron McIntyre SM Individual

30 461 20.00 Blaine Ó Maolagáin SM Coláiste Ailigh

01 April 2014 Page 1 of 12


Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club

31 317 20.00 Nikita Burke SW Individual

32 414 20.00 Jane McGinley SW Letterkenny A C

33 315 20.05 Samie Bogan SM St Eunans College

34 1450 20.06 John Cannon M40 Tír Chonaill A C

35 385 20.08 Ciara Finnegan Tríú Bliain Letterkenny A C

36 272 20.16 Barry Mackey M50 Individual

37 1409 20.17 Cathal Norrison M40 Individual

38 1416 20.17 Paul Lee M40 Letterkenny A C

39 1331 20.23 Mark Cannon SM Individual

40 341 20.24 Patrick Carr SM Individual

41 286 20.26 James Moreton Séú Bl Coláiste Ailigh

42 413 20.32 Kevin Toner M60 Letterkenny A C

43 350 20.35 Colm Buckley SM Individual

44 393 20.39 Eamon Patton SM Individual

45 334 20.40 Noel Moore SM Individual

46 478 20.44 Cathal Harvey SM Individual

47 390 20.45 Olly Duffy SM Individual

48 309 20.45 Eóin Mac Gaoithín Dara Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

49 293 20.46 Stephen Cunningham SM Individual

50 274 20.56 Philip Brown SM Run LK

51 318 20.57 Serena McDaid SW Letterkenny A C

52 424 20.58 Manus Peoples M50 Individual

53 1423 20.59 Declan Waters SM Individual

54 477 21.03 Ryan Tyrrell SM St Eunans College

55 482 21.16 Gabriel McCrossan M50 Letterkenny A C

56 11406 21.17 Rose Ó Donnell Walker Individual

57 1399 21.23 Helen Kennedy SW Individual

58 1452 21.24 Karen Gallagher Walker Finn Valley A C

59 1460 21.25 Gerard McConnell SM Individual

60 472 21.25 Alister Hetherington M40 Run LK

61 331 21.29 Dara Dunne W40 Letterkenny A C

62 1447 21.36 Jason Regan SM Individual

01 April 2014 Page 2 of 12


Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club

63 408 21.38 Maeve Callaghan SW Letterkenny A C

64 456 21.39 Oisín Ó Cléirigh Cúigiú Bl Coláiste Ailigh

65 1310 21.40 Caoimhín MacLochlainn Cúigiú Bl Coláiste Ailigh

66 1396 21.41 Liam Doherty SM Individual

67 1495 21.41 Cormac Nolan M40 Individual

68 1494 21.42 Louis Bradley M60 Letterkenny A C

69 1487 21.43 Aidan McFadden SM Individual

70 383 21.47 Joseph Casey M40 Individual

71 439 21.49 Catherine McKinley SW Letterkenny A C

72 1403 21.51 Sabrina Mackey W40 24/7 Triathlon

73 386 21.51 Alison Ní Uiginn Tríú Bliain Letterkenny A C

74 1404 21.54 Ruairí Ó Laifeartaigh Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

75 325 21.56 Jason Ó Siadháil Dara Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

76 1454 21.57 Jonathon Jacob SM Individual

77 460 21.58 Diarmuid Ó Cathail Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

78 290 21.59 Ben Dunleavy M50 Letterkenny A C

79 407 22.00 James Whoriskey SM Individual

80 1483 22.01 Antoin Diver Walker Individual

81 1493 22.02 Deirdre Diver SW Letterkenny A C

82 369 22.03 Rory Reynolds SM Individual

83 284 22.04 Christopher Diver SM Individual

84 299 22.05 Luke Murphy SM Letterkenny A C

85 1448 22.16 Graham Parker SM 24/7 Triathlon

86 1397 22.17 Ciaran Liddy SM Individual

87 397 22.17 Megan Slunader Walker Letterkenny A C

88 435 22.19 Seamus Ó Fearraigh SM Individual

89 467 22.25 Barry McLaughlin M40 24/7 Triathlon

90 1482 22.27 Terrance Diver M40 Individual

91 285 22.28 Andrew McGlynn SM Individual

92 287 22.29 Paul Sweeney SM Individual

93 342 22.33 Liam McMullin M40 Individual

94 488 22.38 Altan Ní Mhurchú Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

01 April 2014 Page 3 of 12


Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club

95 1387 22.39 Niall Barrett Walker Individual

96 1398 22.40 Dónal Mac Lochlainn Séú Bl Coláiste Ailigh

97 373 22.46 Andrea O’Carroll SW Individual

98 484 22.47 Seán Ó Donnell M50 Lifford A C

99 1453 22.48 Liam Ferry SM Individual

100 1476 22.49 Dermot McGuinness SM Individual

101 298 22.50 Sean McCann IB Coláiste Ailigh

102 452 22.51 Brandon Jordan Walker Individual

103 277 22.55 Mairead Cullen SW Individual

104 400 22.55 Michael Conaghan SM Individual

105 374 22.56 Eoin Gildea SM Individual

106 454 23.01 Tom Murray M40 Individual

107 380 23.01 Luke Brown Walker Individual

108 490 23.05 Liam Ó hAnnagáin Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

109 457 23.08 Eimear Bradley SW Individual

110 288 23.09 Paul O’Donnell SM Individual

111 1412 23.16 Donncha Devenney Walker Individual

112 319 23.19 Clara Quigley SW 24/7 Triathlon

113 370 23.21 Martin Langan M40 Convoy Running Club

114 294 23.43 Mártín Ó Cuilinn Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

115 440 23.44 Ann Robinson SW Letterkenny A C

116 308 23.49 Rónán Mac Gaoithín Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

117 1492 23.52 Evelyne Boyle SW 24/7 Triathlon

118 353 23.53 Mark Farren SM Individual

119 465 24.05 Seosamh Ó Donnléibhe Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

120 291 24.06 Alan Mailey SM Convoy Running Club

121 375 24.07 Sinead McCormack SW Individual

122 351 24.10 Seamus Crossan SM Individual

123 1446 24.14 Pauline Sweeney W40 Individual

124 445 24.16 Dermott Higgins M40 Individual

125 1438 24.18 A N Other Walker Individual

126 320 24.22 Barry Tinney M40 Individual

01 April 2014 Page 4 of 12


Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club

127 281 24.24 Claire Molloy SW Individual

128 418 24.25 Brian Doherty M40 Individual

129 363 24.31 Shannen Nic Lochlainn Dara Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

130 1497 24.36 Robin Boyle SW Letterkenny A C

131 480 24.40 John Duffy M40 Individual

132 344 24.49 Louise Roddy SM 24/7 Triathlon

133 340 24.51 Stacey Blake SW Run LK

134 428 24.52 Isabel Gardiner SW Run LK

135 415 24.57 Andy Stewart SM Letterkenny A C

136 327 24.58 Marian Kerr SW Letterkenny A C

137 316 25.04 Suzie Bogan SW St Eunans College

138 328 25.05 Jessica Ní Ghallchóir Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

139 1327 25.06 Sergey McDevitt Walker Individual

140 432 25.07 Stephen McShane SM Individual

141 1311 25.08 Fiachra Mac Lochlainn Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

142 1486 25.13 Craig Herron SM Individual

143 314 25.16 Ruth McCrudden W40 Letterkenny A C

144 442 25.17 Conor Logue Walker Letterkenny A C

145 1480 25.19 Kevin Durran SM Individual

146 321 25.23 Catriona McIntye W40 Individual

147 1442 25.24 Barry Creagh M40 Individual

148 332 25.26 Aisling Ní Fhearráin Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

149 1449 25.30 Maureen Doherty W40 Individual

150 464 25.31 James Mac Erlean M40 Run LK

151 1488 25.32 Stephen Nairn SM Individual

152 1405 25.35 Martin Anderson M40 Individual

153 493 25.37 Eileen Morning W40 Individual

154 1439 25.48 Charmaine Kee SW Individual

155 399 25.51 Máire Geoghan SW Run LK

156 487 25.52 Diarmuid Coyle Walker Individual

157 387 25.53 Laurie Ó Gallachóir Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

158 381 25.58 Karl Curran M50 Individual

01 April 2014 Page 5 of 12


Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club

159 388 26.01 Philip Connolly M50 Letterkenny A C

160 416 26.10 Michael McElhinney M50 Individual

161 355 26.12 James Ferry SM Individual

162 11404 26.28 Martin Donaghy SM Individual

163 292 26.32 Jason Peoples SM Convoy Running Club

164 1410 26.34 Kieran Kelly SM Individual

165 391 26.36 Amanda McGrath SW Individual

166 1422 26.38 Michael McGinty Walker Individual

167 289 26.42 Fidelma McTeague SW Individual

168 451 26.43 Shona Maloney W40 Individual

169 1421 26.48 Ruairí Mac Fionntaí Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

170 1498 26.50 Amy McGill SW Letterkenny A C

171 446 26.51 Mary Higgins W40 Individual

172 282 26.56 Goretti Sheridan W40 Individual

173 354 27.04 Jackie Ireland W50 Letterkenny A C

174 1414 27.05 Amanda Spratt SW Individual

175 489 27.06 Zac Ó Murchú Walker Letterkenny A C

176 471 27.09 Emmet Ó Grubb IB Coláiste Ailigh

177 420 27.12 Maeve Carr W40 Individual

178 1437 27.14 Laoise Ryan Walker Individual

179 1417 27.15 Bernie Frain W40 Individual

180 1395 27.17 Andrea Doherty SW Individual

181 1320 27.17 Casey Barrett Walker Individual

182 479 27.25 Rosemary Russell W40 Individual

183 352 27.26 Maria Gildea SW Individual

184 357 27.27 Lorna Kemp Walker Individual

185 1419 27.28 Majella Hughes W40 Individual

186 1388 27.32 John Devenney Walker Individual

187 1390 27.33 John Bosco Ó Gallchóir SM Coláiste Ailigh

188 1435 27.35 Gavin McCarron Walker Individual

189 500 27.36 Marie McGonagle SW Individual

190 1418 27.37 Marian Gallagher W40 Individual

01 April 2014 Page 6 of 12


Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club

191 276 27.39 Paddy Crossan SM Individual

192 453 28.24 Mary Bonner W50 Individual

193 426 28.25 Maeve Rafferty Walker Letterkenny A C

194 337 28.25 Alana Gallagher Walker Individual

195 310 28.26 Daibhéad Mac Daibhéid Walker Coláiste Ailigh

196 434 28.29 Tanya Carson SW Individual

197 311 28.30 Colm Mac Daibhéid M40 Coláiste Ailigh

198 1440 28.48 Enda Hamill SM Individual

199 403 29.01 Ultan Ó Fearáil Dara Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

200 11403 29.04 Kelly Trearty SW Individual

201 359 29.17 Ellen Kemp Walker Individual

202 358 29.18 Kate Kemp Walker Individual

203 1443 29.28 Stephen Crosan SM Individual

204 1402 29.37 AnnMarie Roche SW Run LK

205 429 29.37 Andrea McGettigan SW Individual

206 1329 29.42 Conor Lawless SM Individual

207 1324 29.46 Tadhg Brennan Walker Individual

208 1485 29.52 Christopher Digimas SM Individual

209 1325 30.08 Eamonn McDevitt Walker Individual

210 312 30.10 Davy Cowan M40 Coláiste Ailigh

211 459 30.14 Meadhbh Ní Chathail Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

212 1451 30.16 Clíona Ní Chonacháin Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

213 450 30.20 Paula McCusker Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

214 427 30.23 Chantelle Gibson Walker Letterkenny A C

215 447 30.24 Aisling Ní Uiginn Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

216 419 30.30 Mary Carr W40 Individual

217 333 30.30 Ciara Harvey SW Individual

218 449 30.40 Emily Nic Floinn Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

219 1427 30.51 Wendy McGarvey W40 Individual

220 1413 30.54 Hayleigh Ní Fhearraigh SW Individual

221 364 30.54 Anne Clarke SW Individual

222 402 30.56 Nicola Harvey W40 Individual

01 April 2014 Page 7 of 12


Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club

223 468 30.58 Ruairí MacLochlainn Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

224 389 30.58 Ross Ó Mearthaile Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

225 1401 31.25 Caoimhín Cinnseallach Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

226 1496 31.25 Seán Mac An Ultaigh Dara Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

227 324 31.30 Amy Ní Ghallachóir Dara Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

228 356 31.30 Ciara Donoghue Walker Individual

229 362 31.43 Eileen Walker W40 Individual

230 11402 31.48 Orla Trainer SW Individual

231 1490 32.02 Stephanie Sheridan W40 Individual

232 394 32.03 Ann Marie Shield SW Individual

233 335 32.05 Grace O’Connor Walker Individual

234 425 32.08 Ann Marie Shields SW Run LK

235 1426 32.10 Ruth Keogh SW Individual

236 348 32.20 Sean O’Donnell SM Milford A C

237 492 32.44 Michael Moreton Walker Individual

238 1466 32.47 Colette Ward SW Individual

239 330 32.52 Annie McClintock Walker Individual

240 322 32.52 Brian McIntyre Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

241 275 32.55 Thomas Crossan Walker Letterkenny A C

242 339 33.20 Maitiú Mac Aoidh Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

243 443 33.21 Tony Logue M50 Individual

244 1425 33.25 Aine Devine SW Individual

245 404 33.27 Tamara Harvey SW Individual

246 491 34.02 Margaret Moreton Walker Individual

247 336 34.03 Cathy Nee W40 Individual

248 326 34.04 Grace Ní Earcáin Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

249 422 34.05 Caoimhe Ní Dhroma Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

250 1444 34.06 Edel McBrearty W40 Individual

251 11405 34.07 Sorcha Ní Treartaigh Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

252 421 34.08 Amy Ní Chasaide Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

253 448 34.29 Shona Higgins Walker Individual

254 1463 35.02 Bahiyyih Ní Dhaimhín Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

01 April 2014 Page 8 of 12


Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club

255 11415 35.03 Bronagh O’Toole Walker Individual

256 469 35.04 Aisling McLaughlin Walker Individual

257 1471 35.05 Niamh Nic Shearraigh IB Coláiste Ailigh

258 1326 35.06 Aine McDevitt Walker Individual

259 441 35.08 Emma Logue Walker Letterkenny A C

260 307 35.28 Conor Ó Riagáin Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

261 1337 35.29 Brendán Ó Dubhgháin Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

262 458 35.33 Deirbhle Ní Chathail Cúigiú Bl Coláiste Ailigh

263 11409 35.34 Aoife Nic Uait Cúigiú Bl Coláiste Ailigh

264 1455 35.50 Patrick Kelly IB Coláiste Ailigh

265 436 35.53 Christine McIlwaine Walker Individual

266 437 35.53 Róisín Ó Donnell Walker Individual

267 338 36.31 Catherine Bond Walker Individual

268 349 36.36 Cecelia Sheridan Walker Individual

269 392 36.57 Kim McGrath Walker Individual

270 1424 37.31 Toni Kelly SW Individual

271 1434 37.56 Orla McCarron Walker Individual

272 486 37.57 Ellenn Convery Walker Individual

273 470 37.57 AnnMarie Cunningham Walker Individual

274 1392 38.01 Tina Lynch Walker Individual

275 1456 38.38 Shiela Kelly Walker Individual

276 300 39.03 Niamh Ní Riain Dara Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

277 438 39.20 Róisín Ní Fhearraigh Walker Individual

278 496 39.27 Hannah NicShearraigh Dara Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

279 1391 39.27 Amy Ní Cheallacháin Dara Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

280 1335 39.28 Courtney Nic Giolla Comhaill Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

281 1433 39.28 Aoife McCarron Walker Individual

282 1491 39.32 Bronagh Sheridan Walker Individual

283 366 39.38 Afraic Ní Bhróithre Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

284 365 39.38 Amy Clarke Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

285 396 40.17 Katie Ní Leathlobair Dara Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

286 499 40.17 Bríona Nic Fhionnghaile Dara Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

01 April 2014 Page 9 of 12


Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club

287 1333 40.45 Vinnie Coyle Walker Individual

288 1394 40.47 Alma Ní Ghormáin Walker Individual

289 1462 41.00 Alma Curran Walker Individual

290 345 41.08 Shiela Sweeney Walker Individual

291 1407 41.15 Roisin Carr Walker Individual

292 1408 41.15 Anna Curran Walker Individual

293 379 41.17 Méabhá Ní Chaillín Walker Coláiste Ailigh

294 466 41.19 Seosaimhín Ní Ghallchóir W40 Coláiste Ailigh

295 1350 41.19 Caoimhe Lafferty Walker Individual

296 1500 41.22 Dylan O’Donnell SM Individual

297 395 41.28 Kate Byrne Walker Individual

298 498 41.28 Angela McGinley Walker Individual

299 11414 41.29 Niall Murray Walker Individual

300 1499 41.33 Bridie Devenney SW Individual

301 1347 41.33 Hugh Brogan SM Individual

302 1346 41.33 Michael Lynch SM Individual

303 1332 41.42 Sinéad Devine Walker Individual

304 417 41.57 Josie Gallagher Walker Individual

305 476 41.57 Rhonda Strain SW Individual

306 473 42.25 Sheral Hetherington W40 Run LK

307 11410 42.25 Máire Ní Fhearraigh Walker Individual

308 1308 42.39 Miriam Nic Lochlainn Walker Individual

309 1349 42.48 Patsy Lafferty Walker Individual

310 329 43.29 Úna Carthy Walker Individual

311 1338 43.38 Pádraig Ó Dubhgain Walker Individual

312 1431 43.38 Martin McCarron Walker Individual

313 1432 43.45 Fidelma McCarron Walker Individual

314 11401 44.00 Cecelia Nic Colgáin Dara Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

315 1330 44.08 Christopher McColgan Walker Individual

316 1348 44.27 Amber Ní Eigeartaigh Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

317 11411 44.28 John Grubb Walker Individual

318 1321 44.29 Clare Duffy Walker Individual

01 April 2014 Page 10 of 12


Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club

319 1481 44.30 Niamh NíhAnnagáin Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

320 1457 44.35 Rachel Kelly Céad Bhliain Coláiste Ailigh

321 1458 44.36 Martin Kelly Walker Individual

322 1464 44.38 Ursula Mulgrew Walker Individual

323 1465 44.39 Siobhan McMenamin Walker Individual

324 1459 44.40 Peter Kelly Tríú Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

325 377 44.41 Jonnie Hilferty M40 Individual

326 1328 44.43 Alex McDevitt Walker Individual

327 378 44.51 Mary Sweeney SW Individual

328 367 44.51 Susan McKelvey Walker Individual

329 1393 44.55 AnnMarie Hannigan Walker Individual

330 382 44.55 Geraldine Curran W40 Individual

331 1389 44.58 Mary Gallagher Walker Individual

332 497 44.58 Deirdre McCormack Walker Individual

333 495 45.10 Kath McSharry Walker Individual

334 1436 45.24 Odhran Ryan Walker Individual

335 1319 45.24 Ann Ryan Walker Individual

336 1429 45.42 Helen Shields Walker Individual

337 1420 45.50 Molly Nic Fionntaí Séú Bl Coláiste Ailigh

338 1470 45.50 Hazel Russell Walker Individual

339 406 46.52 Ava Murray Walker Individual

340 405 47.00 Aoibhe Whoriskey Walker Individual

341 303 47.07 Cormac Ó Colla Walker Coláiste Ailigh

342 304 47.08 Niall Ó Colla Walker Coláiste Ailigh

343 305 47.34 Raymond Ó Colla SM Coláiste Ailigh

344 306 47.36 Dara Uí Cholla SW Coláiste Ailigh

345 1478 47.47 Luke McGuinness Walker Individual

346 1479 47.47 Kayleigh McGuinness Walker Individual

347 11408 47.55 Sinéad Ní Cholmáin Séú Bl Coláiste Ailigh

348 409 48.33 Rory Ó Buaidhe Dara Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

349 1336 48.33 Ben Coyle Walker Individual

350 1334 49.11 Ellen Coyle Walker Individual

01 April 2014 Page 11 of 12


Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club

351 1474 49.11 Philip Ward Walker Individual

352 1473 49.14 Dan Mac A’Bhaird Walker Individual

353 1472 49.21 Proinsias Mac A’Bhaird Walker Coláiste Ailigh

354 313 49.21 Carmel Uí Bhacéir W40 Coláiste Ailigh

355 1323 50.23 Somhairle Ó Braonáin IB Coláiste Ailigh

356 1468 50.26 Niamh McFadden Walker Individual

357 1302 50.27 Callum de Gallaí Dara Bliain Coláiste Ailigh

358 11412 50.27 Sonia Moore Walker Individual

359 1467 50.28 Lisa McFadden Walker Individual

360 1469 50.28 Vera Timmoney Walker Individual

361 11413 50.29 Caitriona Kelly Walker Individual

362 1461 51.10 Seamus Curran Walker Individual

363 1303 51.10 Jenny Reid Walker Individual

364 1301 54.04 Maria Connolly Walker Individual

365 1312 54.05 Bernie McLaughlin Walker Individual

Total Runners: 365




 March 30, 2014

1891161_620575394674973_1750400086_nTake your place on the starting line to mark the Coláiste Ailigh inaugural 5k on Tuesday April 1 at 7pm.

Registration takes place from 5.30pm at the school sports hall.

Adults €8, €5 students and €20 for a family of 4.



 March 7, 2014

5k flyer



 February 27, 2014

Colaiste Ailigh dressIT’S that time of the year again – when students turn every day pieces of rubbish into incredible clothes.

And this incredible entry into Junk Kouture from three students at Coáliste Ailigh in Letterkenny is already winning hundreds of online votes.

The dress is the work of Kirsty Nic Giolla Bháin, Jessica Ní Ghallachóir and Aoibhinn Ní Mhuimhne.

There’s no finer gúna around.

So don’t just sit there – get voting for Calypso

Here’s the link




 February 22, 2014

photoSCHOOL trips were never like this in our day.

Snowboarding hadn’t been invented – and the nearest slippery slope was negotiated with a bin lid (note to children, this was before wheelie bins!)

These days it is very different.

This pic shows a group of Coláiste Ailigh students and staff who spent their midterm break skiing and snowboarding in Borovets, Bulgaria.





 January 31, 2014
Team leaders from all the schools that participated in Beofast with Charlotte Dryden from the Oh Yeah centre and Mo and Kris from More Than Conquerors. Photo by Carrie Davenport, Kerrang magazine
Team leaders from all the schools that participated in Beofast with Charlotte Dryden from the Oh Yeah Centre and Mo and Kris from More Than Conquerors. Photo by Carrie Davenport, Kerrang magazine

Donegal students rocked at a historic ‘Beo’ concert in Belfast last week.

The concert was the first time that Transition Year students from five Donegal schools joined up with Belfast students for a series of talks in the Oh Yeah Centre of Belfast – a recording and performance venue co-founded by Snow Patrol singer Gary Lightbody.

Last Friday, January 17, students from Colaiste Ailigh, St. Eunan’s College, Loreto Convent, Deele College and Pobalscoil Ghaoth Dobhair heard talks from Charlotte Dryden and Linda Ervine about the Oh Yeah Centre and the Irish language in Northern Ireland, most interestingly among the Protestant community.

 Linda Ervine speaking to the students in the Oh Yeah Centre, Belfast. Photo by Carrie Davenport, Kerrang magazine
Linda Ervine speaking to the students in the Oh Yeah Centre, Belfast. Photo by Carrie Davenport, Kerrang magazine

Students saw on the day how the strength of the Irish language can bring a divided community together. Through Beo music sessions, the Irish language is promoted to teenagers from both sides of the border.

Friday’s adventure was brought to a close with a show in the Oh Yeah Centre featuring Letterkenny indie band ‘Apollo Six’, singer Callum Stewart and local Belfast band ‘More Than Conquerors’.

Apollo Six, comprised of students from St. Eunan’s College and Loreto Convent, got a great reaction from the enthusiastic Donegal crowd.

Students are already looking forward to the next Beo gig and the six other Beo concerts held last Friday, including those in Stranorlar and Dungloe, show that the project is rocking the socks off Transition Year’s all over Ireland.

by Rachel McLaughlin



 January 15, 2014

Beo2Le Mattiú O Duffaigh: MORE THAN 100 students from County Donegal will travel to Belfast this Friday – to stage a gig promoting the Irish language and cross-community involvement in it.

Beo was founded by the secondary schools of Letterkenny to promote Irish through music and music promotion, with Coláiste Ailigh, St Eunan’s College, Loreto Secondary School and Errigal College all involved.

Now Beo will be hosting another gig, this time in the Oh Yeah Centre in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

And among those who will be there will be Irish language enthusiast Linda Ervine, whose later brother-in-law David went from loyalist paramilitary to one of the founders of the peace process in the PUP.

Friday’s festival aims to promote the Irish language, helps young Irish bands hoping to develop, but most importantly, to spark interest in the minds of the younger generation. The students organise the event, from booking tickets, to filming the concert. Beo’s popularity continues to grow around the country with each passing year.

Bands such as Disconnect 4, Not Squares, The Gandhis, Jamaican Vampires and many others have contributed their musical efforts to these events.

On this particular occasion, the bands “Apollo 6”,”Paper Boy” and “More Than Conquerors” will be playing in the Oh Yeah Centre in Belfast.

These bands have been praised for their “good personalities” and for their “fresh new alternative rock sound” by fans.

Multiple schools have agreed to partake in this event, including Pobalscoil Ghaoth Dobhair, Deele College and the schools that founded Beo listed above. From the Belfast area, St Malachy’s College and Gaelcholáiste Feirste are confirmed to be attending the concert.

Linda Ervine has set up Irish classes in east Belfast.

”I did actually attempt to learn Irish, but couldn’t find anywhere I could go to, so it was in my mind for a very long time, but it wasn’t an option,” she said.

Gordon McCoy of Ultach, will also make an appearance. He is known also for his work in promoting the Irish language in Unionist areas and for writing books and academic articles based on the Irish language.

What? Beo Live:

Where? Oh Yeah Centre, Gordon Street, Belfast (beside St Anne’s Cathedral)

When? 7pm Friday

How Much? Admission £4

Details? Strictly Under-18s and Alcohol Free

Any other info…More details are available by emailing




 January 12, 2014

rnag1A new generation of talented young traditional musicians and singers from around the county can be heard on Raidió na Gaeltachta today.

The musicians were recorded before Christmas in Letterkenny as part of the Mol an Óige series presented by Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha.

Students from Comhaltas Leitir Ceanainn, Ceol na Coille music school, Coláiste Ailigh and Gaelscoil Adhamhnáin all took part in the recording session.

The first of the programmes will be broadcast today.

Mol an Óige, Raidió na Gaeltachta, 18.30 -19.00.

image copy 2



 January 10, 2014



DDTV: There’s loads of brains in the McGeehin family – brothers Ronan (13) and his brother Eóin (14), are students at Coláiste Ailigh in Letterkenny.

And they wanted to develop an early warning system to tell motorists when the road surface becomes icy.

With in-car gauges not always accurate, the boys have come up with an incredible prototype which could save lives on our roads.

Watch this video to see their incredible idea on show at the BT Young Scientist of the Year exhibition in Dublin.




 December 13, 2013



DDTV: You’ve seen the documentary; you may even have seen the show live. Now watch Riverdance – Coláiste Ailigh style. The Letterkenny students were performing at their Christmas show at An Grianan on December 12, 2013. The girls are flawless (in fact they’re superb). But the boys need to go to a few more lessons.

Click Play to Watch







DDTV: PUPILS FROM COLAISTE Ailigh in Letterkenny held their Christmas show this week – and brought the house down with a brilliant variety performance.

Click Play to watch a scene from the West End hit Les Miserables.

It’s superb.




 November 13, 2013

PatsPizzaFrontageA PIZZA takeaway said ‘Arrivederci’ to children at a town school on their last day.

Pupils from Coláiste Ailigh in Letterkenny have been regular customers of Pat’s Pizza on Main Street for many years.

But the students move tomorrow and Friday to their brand new school – too far away for lunchtime trade.

So Pat’s Pizza gave away free pizzas to pupils on Wednesday as well as free bars of chocolate.

The pupils however returned the favour.

Many of them left tips for the staff.

The new school on a 8.5-acre Carnamuggagh site includes a library, outdoor teaching areas, an art room, rooms for woodwork and technical graphics, a music and drama room, science rooms, a special needs room, a computer suite, kitchenette, fitness centre, GAA and soccer pitches, basketball and tennis courts and a gymnasium that can also be used for school events.

Pupils missing Mac’s Mace opposite the old location at a cramped Sprackburn House needn’t worry.

Mac’s has won the catering contract for the new school which now has 245 pupils.

The new school has room for 100 more pupils as it continues to expand.

Micheál Ó Giobúin, school principal, said: “The new school is no more than the children and staff deserve.”




 September 29, 2013

Students in Letterkenny will be full of hot air next Tuesday but it’s all in a good cause.

Students are hoping to fill the sky around Letterkenny with balloons.
Students are hoping to fill the sky around Letterkenny with balloons.

Students at Colaiste Ailigh will be releasing hundreds of balloons in aid of the Simon Community who help fight homelessness.

Each balloon will cost €1 and will be sold around the area.

The balloons will then be released at 3pm from the car park of the school on the High Road and will hopefully fill the skies over the town.





 April 12, 2013

It was another historic day in Coláiste Ailigh’s short history when the transition year students won the All-Ireland School’s Competition for Irish Clubs run by Glór na nGael, with a prize of €2,000.Colaiste Ailigh

The main aim of Ailigh G was to promote Irish amongst the school community, as well as throughout the local community.

Transition Year students visited local primary schools, Gaelscoil Adhamhnáin for a Halloween party, and Educate Together, where they taught the Haka in Irish to the students.

Throughout Seachtain na Gaeilge the club opened an Irish centre in the school to award those who inspired others to speak Irish.

Ailigh G showed great interest in helping charities throughout the year. This was evident when they the club presented Autism Ireland with a cheque of €150.




 January 22, 2013
All-Ireland Champs! Colaiste Ailigh celebrate. Maith sibh!
All-Ireland Champs! Colaiste Ailigh celebrate. Maith sibh!

Colaiste Ailigh of Letterkenny are celebrating after they won the school’s first All-Ireland title today.

The school’s Under 16 basketball team beat off stiff opposition from PSN Baldoyle to win the national title at the National Basketball Arena in Dublin this afternoon by 39-34.

Manager and teacher Seosamh McKelvey said he was very proud of his team and the school who travelled to the game in huge numbers.

“We always knew we had it in us to win it and thankfully we performed on the day. It’s a great occasion and I’m very proud of the team and of the entire school.

“We had greats support and there’s going to be great celebrations as a result,” h said.

Although McKelvey said it was very much a team effort, a number of players had tremendous games.

They include captain Oisin Cleary who scored no less than 15 points and John McIntyre who bagged 9 points.

The school is having a huge homecoming for the team at the school this evening.




 January 11, 2013

Colaiste Ailigh

Today saw a new page written in the short history of Colaiste Ailigh as their Under 16 basketball team reached their first ever All-Ireland final.

The end of a hectic week saw the Letterkenny school outscore St Marys, Balasadare by 40 to 32 in a frantic All Ireland semi final in The Abbey Gym in Donegal Town.

Colaiste Ailigh had tried all week to change today fixture to earlier in the week as half their players were in Dublin participating in The BT Young Scientist. Their appeals fell on deaf ears and four of the six travelled home for this historic fixture.

A combination of nerves and jet lag saw the Letterkenny school make the worst of starts and were 12-0 down with all scores coming from the best player on display Tobias Brockman after 6 mins. This was compounded with Col Ailigh player Maitis Mac Ceallabhuí being withdrawn with an ankle injury and Sean Mac A tSaoir picking up two early fouls pushing him back to the bench.

In the 7th min Colaiste Ailigh captain Oisín O Cleirigh hit Colaiste Ailigh’s first points quickly followed by 3 pts from the games busiest player Jeaic Mac Ceallabhuí but Colaiste still struggled with Brockman who brought his tally to 17 pts to Col Ailigh’s 6 pts after the first quarter.

The short break gave Colaiste Ailigh the time needed to get a strategy together to deal with the threat of Brockman.

Colaiste charged into the quarter and got their shooting boots going with Evin Breathnach, Sean Mac and O Cleirigh all scoring while Jeaic Mac Ceallabhuí with help from Odhran Mac Fhionghaile managed to keep Brockman and St Mary’s to another to 2 pts. Halftime Colaiste Ailigh 17 St Mary’s 19 with all the momentum in the Donegal outfits corner.

Halftime was what St Marys needed and came out in the 3rd quarter getting scoring help for Brockman from Kladius Bak(5) and Ross Farrell(2) pulling St Marys in control. Colaiste Struggled to shake the nerves but kept plugging away with scores from O Cleirigh and Mac A tSaoir. End of a tence 3rd quarter. Colaiste Ailigh 26 St Mary’s 28.

The final Quarter saw the Colaiste captain catch fire and push Colaiste 4 pts to the good with 4 mins to go. St Marys returned to the reliable Brockman who pulled Marys back level with 4 pts following some missed opertunities by Jeaic Mac, Odhran and Pearse Gallagher who a this point was having it all his own way under the boards. 2 mins left and it was all square.

Sean Mac took a great pass from Mac Fhionngaile to push Colaiste back in front and another quick basket from O Cléirigh put Colaiste right in the driving seat.

St Marys threw caution to the wind but the tenacious Mac Ceallabhuí refused Brockman the space to get his team back in the game and Oisin O Cleirigh added to St Marys misery with another 4 late points.

Colaiste Ailigh 40 St Marys 32

Colaiste Ailigh coach Mac Ceallabhuí was delighted with the result after the long week and a number of his players missing.

“We can’t wait for the final in two weeks and I hope Niall, Pearse, Odhran and Caoimhín can bring some silverware back from BT Young Scientist after sprinting back to Dublin for the presentation ceremony.

At the final whistle the largest cheer of the day was to be heard in Rang a 6 in Gaelscoil Adhmanain where Muinteoir Meabh was following the game on Twitter.

Colaiste Ailigh

Niall Ó Hannaigain, Adam Ó Cnaimhsí, Jeaic Mac Ceallabhuí (3), Caoimhín Mac Lochlainn, Evin Breathnach (4), Sean Mac a tSaoir (9), Maitis Mac Ceallabhuí, Oisín Ó Cléirigh (24) Odhran Mac Fhionghaile, agus Piarais Ó Gallachoir.

St Mary’s

Kladius Bak (5), Ross Farrell (2), Patrick O Connor, Tobias Brockman (26), Aaron Boles, Artemius Serikovo, Philip Kilcullen.




 November 12, 2012

One of Letterkenny’s most eagerly awaited school construction projects is to begin in the coming weeks – after the Government got a loan!

The Minister for Education and Skills warmly welcomed the start of construction of eight schools which are being delivered under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model.

One of these schools is the new Colasite Ailigh building on the outskirts of the town.

Construction on the 350 pupil school is to begin shortly and is expected to be complete before the end of 2014.

A loan of €50 million has been secured through the European Investment Bank (EIB) which has meant these new schools can now proceed to construction. The total value of the construction costs is estimated to be approximately €100 million.

The move has been welcomed by local Labour Senator Jimmy Harte who said the move now guarantees a start-date for Colaiste Ailigh, which is currently located on the High Road.

These are the first public sector projects to be funded under the PPP model since June 2010.

They are part of the five year school building programme already announced by Minister Ruairí Quinn T.D. earlier this year.

Minister Quinn said, “This is very good news for the communities in counties stretching from Donegal to Waterford who have been waiting for their school building projects to be given the green light.”

“I am particularly pleased that the EIB has again decided to support the Department’s schools capital investment programme with a loan of €50 million which will assist in funding this investment. It is a further signal of the bank’s renewed confidence in the Irish State and our recovery programme.”