A man who has admitted killing another man in a bar on Arranmore Island tried to commit suicide shortly before the attack.

Stephen Boyle, 41, crashed his car into a wall to try and do away with himself a month before the incident, a court was told.

Boyle has admitted killing but denies murdering Paul Boyle at Early’s Bar on Arranmore in October, 2009.

Mr Boyle of Austen House, Cambridge Road, Kilburn Park, London has pleaded not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter at the Central Criminal Court.

John Boyle, a brother of the accused, revealed that a month before there was an incident where the accused crashed his BMW into a wall to ‘try and do away with himself’.

The witness told the court his brother was crying after the incident and he was concerned he was suicidal.

He told Mr Vincent Heneghan BL prosecuting that after the incident he got a call and he went to collect his brother who was in bad shape and was crying.

“I was concerned the way he was talking. I thought he might take his life or something”, he told the court.

Witness Brendan Gillespie said that Paul Boyle was stuck twice by the accused with a glass, which he said broke after the second blow.

Under cross-examination, he revealed that when Paul Boyle was struck first, his head went forward but said: “I’m sure he didn’t mean to cut him in the neck.”

He said he didn’t remember hearing any shouting or seeing Paul Boyle engaging in a blocking exercise.

The owner of the bar, Gerry Early, told Mr Micheal O Higgins that Paul Boyle, 19, had to put out of the bar over an incident earlier that evening.

The trial continues today before a jury of six men and six women and Justice Patrick McCarthy.



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