KILLER Stephen Cahoon used several different names so that girlfriends weren’t aware of his evil past, it has been revealed.

The Derryman was jailed for life yesterday for the murder of mother of four Jean Quigley in 2008. He was arrested ten days later by a quick-thinking Garda in Donegal Town.

Jean’s mother Emma McBride, who found her 30-year-old daughter’s body, said of the murder verdict from the Dublin jury: “It’s never going to bring Jean back, but at least now I know she didn’t die in vain.

“To see him getting what he deserves, it’s a relief, but at the same time now I can grieve.”

Jean’s brother Gerald said: “People like Stephen Cahoon need to be on a register much much sooner so that people are aware who the criminals out there are that can cause this kind of hurt and pain, so that people like Jean would have known to stay away from them.”

Cahoon had a violent history, leaving a teenager for dead in 1999 – an attack for which he was later given five years.

Jean Quigley was just his latest victim. Her family said he went by a number of different names and “nobody ever put two and two together”.

Police described Cahoon as a “dangerous sexual predator with a history of violence against women. He deserves to stay behind bars for a very long time”.

Jean’s sister Anne-Marie said: “He made his past out to be that his partners were as bad as he was. He said he went with some girls and they were crazy, but we found out later on that he was the crazy one.”





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