A judge has ordered that 27 people who failed to turn up for jury duty in Co Donegal this morning be brought before the court.

Judge Donagh McDonagh ordered that the people appear before the courts and explain why they failed to show.

Judge McDonagh was speaking as a jury was sworn in at Letterkenny Circuit Court.

He said he had never come across such a high number of people who “ignored” a summons to carry out jury duty.

“I will have the County Registrar to issue a summons for the people. They were ignored. I have never come across such a high number of ‘no shows’ and they will have their opportunity when they come to court,” he said.

After a jury was sworn in for two cases, Judge McDonagh told the court that people who were summonsed to appear for jury duty had an obligation to do so.

“The summons is quite literally that.

“I am going to direct that these people are contacted and be brought before the courts to determine the reasons why they did not appear and to see if there will be sanctions,” he said.




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