December 12, 2013
Michael Ferry, right, being taken into court in Donegal Town yesterday

Michael Ferry, right, being taken into court in Donegal Town yesterday

A victim of evil paedophile Michael Ferry has slammed the sentence handed down to the West Donegal pervert yesterday.

Ferry, 58, was given a jail sentence for seven years on each charge after admitting another 15 new sex abuse charges at Donegal Circuit Court.

But the sentence is to run concurrently with his current sentences which means that Ferry will not serve another day behind bars.

Derek Mulligan, the first victim to waive his anonymity and speak out about Ferry’s horrific sex abuse, is outraged at the sentence.

He told Donegal Daily the court had “gone easy” on Ferry.

“That means that this evil man will still be out in 2021. He won’t spend an extra day in jail cause it runs concurrently.

“That’s a joke to be honest. There should have been more added years to his sentence for the crimes he committed. I am not impressed with that at all and once again the court goes easy on a convicted sex offender,” he fumed.

Mr Mulligan added that there was no point the victim coming forward if Ferry was not going to spend an extra day in prison.

“That’s not justice. That sends out a bad message to every victim yet to come forward in abuse cases.

“That judge should have stuck the maximum ten year sentence on him. Why didn’t he admit about abusing that boy when he was first arrested?

“Then like a coward admitted to it to get a lighter sentence… why should he get more time off his sentence for admitting to it when he was caught out again.”