A 62 year old Letterkenny man who urinated in the waiting area of Milford Garda Station has been fined €150.

Letterkenny court.

Letterkenny court.

Anthony McMenamin appeared before Letterkenny District Court this morning.

The court heard that on May 31st, 2013, McMenamin arrived at Milford Garda station in an intoxicated state.

He began to shout and roar and demanded that Gardai give him a lift home.

He was told to quiet down but continued to make a nuisance of himself and was eventually arrested.

Defending solicitor Kieran O’Gorman told the court that Mr McMenamin had appeared in the courts as often as himself.

He said that when he was sober he was a gentleman but it was a different story when he had drink taken.

However, he said that Mr McMenamin had never ben involved in any serious criminality.

Judge Paul Kelly told McMenamin that the Gardai were not a taxi service.

“Your behaviour in the Garda station is not something you should be proud of,” he said.

He fined McMenamin €150 and gave him three months to pay the fine.




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