A Judge has asked a solicitor to examine if family and friends can help a man pay back more than €3,600 which he obtained illegally from AIB bank in Letterkenny.

Letterkenny court.

Letterkenny court.

Kieran Cunningham has already paid back more than €2,200 to the bank which he admitted obtaining cash from using a false instrument in 2008.

In total Cunningham obtained more than €5,800 from the bank.

The kitchen porter, with an address at 67 Meadowbank, Letterkenny paid another €100 to the bank at Letterkenny District Court yesterday.

Solicitor Kieran Dillon said his client was trying his best as he was unemployed and of limited means.

He added that Cunningham was on jobseeker’s allowance and was hoping something would come along on the job front.

However Judge Paul Kelly said “This is going to go on forever unless something happens.”

He adjourned the case until September 18th to allow further payments to be made.

He also urged Mr Dillon to explore if family and friends could help with the repayments but was told that they were also of limited means.




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