A man caught doing doughnut manouvres on a snow-covered housing estate has been sent on a responsible driver’s course.

Letterkenny court.

Letterkenny court.

Lee Kennedy  of 3 Knocknamona Crescent, Letterkenny appeared before  Letterkenny District Court yesterday.

The court heard that Detective Mick Carroll heard reports of heavy revving of a car at Foxhills housing estate in Letterkenny at 12.30am on November 19th last year.

He went to the estate and took position at the entrance of the area and could see tyre marks on the road.

A short time later he heard loud revving and son noticed a Lexus car approaching the junction of the estate and it was swerving on both sides of the road.

Garda Carroll revealed that if any cars were coming in the opposite direction it would not have been able to avoid a collision.

He waited for the car to come out of the estate again and he activated the blue lights of his car and questioned Kennedy.

Kennedy could not give any reason for his driving and was arrested.

Defense solicitor Patsy Gallagher said his client has a “rush of blood to the head.”

He said his client had no previous convictions and worked on a farm with his father.

“I would suggest he would be an excellent candidate for the Pro Social Driver’s course,” said Mr Gallagher.

Judge Paul Kelly asked Kennedy if he realised he could not go on the road if he did not have all the documentation including an NCT cert for this car.

He ordered Kennedy to pay the cost of the course which was €150 and bring in a receipt the next time he came into court and he said he will see then how he will deal with the case.






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