A Donegal family is one of two who have taken a High Court challenge over resource hours for their children who have special needs.gavel1

The two families, whose children are Down Syndrome, have been successful in getting more than four extra hours for their children each week.

The extra hours were granted by President of the High Court, Justice Nicholas Kearns.

Speaking after the case, Sinn Fein’s Pearse Doherty said he was very happy for both families.

“I am delighted that the parents have been successful in the High Court challenge and that the maximum resource hours have been allocated to the children at the centre of this case.

“Today’s outcome is a vindication of the long campaign that the parents have fought to ensure that their children receive the appropriate resource hour allocation. I commend them on their tireless campaign and on their victory today.

“It is also an indictment of the Government’s approach to this issue and I look forward to the day when parents of children with Down Syndrome or other conditions no longer have to battle with the state in order to ensure that their children’s needs are recognised and appropriate supports put in place.”



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