July 15, 2014
Maureen Friel: Had enough of the Laffertys

Maureen Friel: Had enough of the Laffertys

A WOMAN grabbed a rock and smashed the car window of a car being driven by the father of a notorious burglar after he tormented her and her family, a court has heard.

Matthew Lafferty is serving five years behind bars after a series of burglaries in Donegal and Mayo.

But Letterkenny District Court heard that the arrival of Lafferty and his father in a quiet area outside Kilmacrennan sparked a feud with their neighbours – the Kellys.

A number of incidents had already taken place when Maureen Friel, from Glenwood Park in Letterkenny went to visit her father (the Kellys), on March 31 last year.

Defence solicitor Kieran Dillon said Mrs Friel was in a car travelling up a long lane at Ballykeeran when Gerard Lafferty – Matthew Lafferty’s father – kept stopping his car and reversing it into the car in which Mrs Friel was passenger.

Things came to a head, said Mr Dillon, and Mrs Friel had picked up a rock and thrown it at the windscreen of the car being driven by 45-year-old Gerard Lafferty.

“In the course of this journey, that the vehicle in front, reversed into the front of their vehicle,” said Mr Dillon.

“Mrs Frield was very frightened and she went forward and in the context of stopping what was making place, she did pick up a stone and break the window to try to stop the driver’s actions.

“The other family has moved away. That has really helped to stabilise the situation.”

Matthew Lafferty: Behind bars

Matthew Lafferty: Behind bars

Mrs Friel, who is 29, was released on her own bond of €250 to keep the peace for 12 months.

Meanwhile Gerard Lafferty failed to appear in court for alleged offences on the same date.

He is facing charges of possession of knives and other articles.

Judge Paul Kelly issued a warrant for his arrest.