A man who was found working illegally at a well-known Letterkenny restaurant has been given the Probation Act.

Shapla Indian restaurant in Letterkenny.

Shapla Indian restaurant in Letterkenny.

Faruk Hossain, was found by immigration officers working at Shapla Indian Restaurant on June 27th last.

The 28 year old was preparing vegetables but when quizzed, he admitted he had no work permit or passport.

Solicitor Frank Dorrian told Letterkenny Court that his client had arrived by ship into Dublin and later joined friends in Letterkenny.

He said he was no longer working at Shapla and was basically “rudderless” but still living in Letterkenny where Gardai knew where he was.

Judge Paul Kelly said he was applying the Probation Act but instructed Mr Dorrian that this was a “one day only offer.”





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