A Judge has told young car enthusiasts who fit illegal number plates that they might as well put neon signs on their cars asking Gardai to stop them.gavel1

Judge Paul Kelly was speaking as he heard the case of a young Gortahork man who was before the courts today on a number of driving offences.

Conor Catteron was stopped by Gardai at Carrowcannon, Falcarragh on April 17th last.

Garda Sean O’Hara told the court that he stopped the 19 year old driving the 15 year old car.

As well as having no rear indicator lights, the car had no brake lights, illegal number plates and three bald tyres as well as displaying  both yellow and white number plates.

Defense solicitor Frank Dorrian said the strange thing was that the car had actually passed the NCT test some time before.

However, he accecpted the condition in which the car was found.

Judge Paul Kelly told the court that such cases baffle him.

“It always baffles me that young men use these license plates. It’s like putting a neon sign on your car saying ‘please stop me.’

He fined Catterton, of Derryconnor, Gortahork, a total of €300 for two bald tyres, not having brake lights and took other charges into consideration.

“I’m not sure what accumulation of penalty points that will mean but that is up to you,” added Judge Kelly.




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