Ferry's - didn't tax two of its bin lorries

Ferry’s – didn’t tax two of its bin lorries

A GARDA Inspector has questioned whether or not a local refuse company would pay huge fines handed down to a local refuse collection company.

Inspector Goretti Sheridan made her views known as Ferry’s Refuse appeared at Letterkenny District Court on charges brought after two investigations by Garda Derek Connaughton.

Bin lorries being operated in Letterkenny in September and October 2013 had not been taxed.

Neither had been taxed for months, with €1,800 in back-tax owed.

Inspector Sheridan said the company had been ‘chopping and changing’ its name and the charges were brought against Ferry’s Refuse Limited which had now changed to Ferry’s Refuse Recycling Limited.

Judge Paul Kelly asked defence solicitor Ciaran McLaughlin why the vehicles had not been taxed.

“Why is he (Jim Ferry) not taxing his vehicles?” asked the judge.

Mr McLaughlin said they (Ferry’s) had difficulties at the time, transferring the vehicles from one company to another.

He admitted the back tax had not been paid.

Judge Paul Kelly struck out four of the six charges and fined Ferry’s a total of €2,000. The company will be given three months to pay.

However Inspector Sheridan said that with the company name changes she was concerned the fines would not be paid.

“Will the fines be paid?” she asked.

Mr McLaughlin replied: “The fines will be paid.”

Judge Kelly told Mr McLaughlin: “Tell him (Mr Ferry) he is putting his business at risk Mr McLaughlin.”




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