A man who assaulted his wife after a row over a television show has walked free from court.

Griffin appeared at Letterkenny District Court today.

Griffin appeared at Letterkenny District Court today.

Pensioner Kevin Griffin, 66, was accused of assaulting his wife at their home in Ballybofey.

Letterkenny District Court hard how Gardai had been contacted by ambulance control on November 30th last.

The accused man’s wife Alice had received a deep cut to her lip and had to receive stitches to the wound.

Ambulance control contacted Gardai who went to the couple’s home to interview them about the incident.

They said there had ben an argument between them over a television programme.

Griffin claimed that when they went to bed that evening, his wife had fallen out of bed.

He went to lift her off the floor but she slapped him and he struck back by punching her in the face.

Griffin said he was very embarrassed after hitting his wife of 45 years and that it would not happen again.

Judge Paul Kelly adjourned the case from last December until today after asking to hear from Mrs Griffin.

However the court was told that Mrs Griffin did not wish to give evidence in the case.

Garda Inspector John O’Toole said Mrs Griffin’s injury had healed and that he was withdrawing the charge and the case was struck out.





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