A young girl has denied making up claims she was sexually assaulted because she wasn’t allowed to wear a white dress on her sister’s communion day.gavel1

The 15 year old was giving evidence against a 37 year old man who is accused of sexually assaulting her twice at her sister’s communion party in Co Donegal in April 24th, 2010.

The girl, who was aged 10 at the time, denied she made up the claims because she was not the centre of attention at her home on the day.

The girl gave evidence against a man she had called her ‘uncle’ because her family were so close to him.

However, barrister for the accused Mr Peter Nolan, said the reality was that she made up the claims.

He said she told a li and now it had turned into a monster.

However the girl told Letterkenny Circuit Court the man sat beside the girl on a sofa, put his hand on her knee and then moved his hand up her leg and touched her private parts.

She said the incident lasted up to three minutes.

But Mr Nolan said this was not believable as nobody else in the room, up to nine young people, had seen any of this happening.

The girl said she was shocked and ran upstairs to hide under her mother’s bed.

She then claimed the man came upstairs and then sexually assaulted her again.

The girl’s mother said the accused was a friend of hers whom she had collected in her car and they bought wine together for the communion party.

She denied claims that her daughter was in a bad mood as she wasn’t allowed wear white because it was her sister’s communion day.

The woman said that when she heard the claims that her daughter had been assaulted, she sent another daughter to get the man.

Mr Nolan said he found it bizarre that a mother would send her daughter to approach a man whom it had been claimed sexually assaulted another daughter.

When the accused man came down, an altercation took place and she slapped the man and he slapped her back.

She denied being drunk but admitted enjoying the party and drinking wine.

A neighbour said she knew there was something wrong in the house when she hard a lot of crying and shouting in the house.

She said she came out into the garden and found a man who said h was being accused of touching one of the young girls.

The alleged victim and his sister then arrived out and hugged the woman and they claimed one of them had ben assaulted by the man.

Judge John O’Hagan asked who contacted the Gardai and was told it was another friend in the house.

The case continues today (FRI).





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