BREAKING NEWS: A man accused of sexually assaulting a 10 year old girl at her sister’s first communion party has been found not guilty.

Letterkenny Court.

Letterkenny Court.

The 37 year old appeared at Letterkenny Circuit Court, charged with two counts of sexual assault on April 24th, 2010.

During the three day trial the girl and her sister appeared by video-link.

The girl, who is now 15, said the man touched her on her private parts as they sat in a sofa in the living room during the party.

She also claimed the man followed her to her mother’s bedroom later in the evening and again touched her private parts and kissed her.

The man, whom the girl and her family referred to as an uncle because of their once close friendship, denied both charges.

Barrister for the accused, Mr Peter Nolan, said the evidence was unbelievable as nobody else in a roomful of people saw the alleged sexual assault taking place.

The accused man alleged the girl’s mother had claimed she was in a bad mood because she was allowed to wear a white communion dress like her sister.

Giving evidence the accused said he had merely gave the girl a hug as she had ben sad and had locked herself away from the party in her mother’s bedroom.

H said he then fell asleep on the bed and he was awoken by the alleged victim’s sister.

When he came downstairs he said he was attacked by the girl’s mother with a bottle.

He said “I never touched or sexually assaulted her. Nothing like that ever happened.

“I did not touch her at all under her clothes or her privates or her bottom.

“Why is she saying all this? I find it difficult to get into her mind and only she can explain why she is doing this.”

The jury of six men and six woman took just more than half an hour to reach a not guilty verdict on the two charges of sexual assault.




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