March 3, 2015

A boxer admitted he had no reason to punch a man who was minding his own business on Lower Main Street, Letterkenny after a booze-fuelled night out.

Letterkenny Court.

Letterkenny Court.

Stephen Doherty, 23, with an address at 50 The Garden, Ballymacool admitted to the unprovoked assault.

The court heard how the injured party had enjoyed a night out at Voodoo Venue nightclub.

He was outside having a conversation with friends on the steps of the Ulster Bank just a short distance from the popular club when he was viciously assaulted.

The victim was talking to friends when suddenly he was punched with force on the side of his face.

The victim was shaken by the incident and was confused as to why he had been assaulted and identified Mr Doherty to Gardaí as the person who carried out the assault.

Solicitor for the defendant Frank Dorrian told the court that Mr Doherty does not know why he did it and had no reason for doing it.

Mr Dorrian said, “Mr Doherty has absolutely no reason to explain why he did what he did, he doesn’t blame anybody else for it, but can’t understand as to why he hit the victim.

“He simply has no reason to give as to why he did it, he fully accepts what he did was out of order and deeply regrets his actions but can’t explain why he carried out the assault.

“He was hopelessly drunk  that evening and alcohol no doubt played a factor in this random assault.

The court heard how Mr Doherty may have a job opportunity in the construction industry, and while it’s not a concrete offer, he’s hoping he can gain employment.

Mr Dorrian told the court the defendant offered to pay his victim €500 in compensation as a gesture for his remorse.

Judge Paul Kelly said he believed Mr Doherty was genuinely remorseful for his actions and ordered him to pay the injured party €500 in compensation.