A man currently in custody in Castlerea Prison has been refused bail after he allegedly threatening a witness in his forthcoming trial.gavel1

Patrick McLaughlin, with an address of 15 C, Lower Main street, Letterkenny denied the allegation at Letterkenny District Court.

The court heard how the witness who is a relation of McLaughlin made a statement to Gardaí claiming that he told her he would ‘cut her to ribbons’.

Mr McLaughlin is in custody facing a serious assault charge.

His trial for that alleged incident will take place in April.

However, he appeared before Judge Paul Kelly seeking bail.

The court heard how the witness lives in fear of Mr McLaughlin and would be terrified if he were granted bail.

Solicitor on behalf of Mr McLaughlin Patsy Gallagher said that his client would sign on twice-a-day at Letterkenny Garda station.

He also said his client, who is originally from Scotland, wasn’t a flight risk as Gardaí already had his passport and he wouldn’t seek it if he were granted bail.

Mr McLaughlin then addressed the court and said he would avoid all parties involved in the incident if he were granted bail.

He also agreed to move back in with his parents if it appeased the court.

Inspector Goretti Sheridan also revealed that during a search of Mr McLaughlin’s apartment five blades and ten knives were recovered along with two scalpels.

Mr McLaughlin admitted to having the ‘crabbing’ knives for designing and crafting small trains and planes.

Judge Paul Kelly denied Mr McLaughlin bail on the basis that the witness was living in fear of him.

He remanded Mr McLaughlin until his trial on April 28th.




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