A social welfare inspector said he feared for his life when he called to the home of a taxi driver.gavel1

James McGinley, 35 Cashel Ard contested an assault charge when he appeared at Letterkenny District Court yesterday.

Inspector Morgan Mooney said he was assigned to the special investigation unit of the Department of Social Protection and was carrying out surveillance at Cashel Park, Letterkenny on September 25.

The inspector called to 48 year old Mr McGinley’s home shortly after 3pm.

The accused opened the door and Mr Mooney asked to speak to occupant after having identified himself.

“As I proceeded to go in a man I now know to be Mr McGinley pushed me out and said I had no such business in his house,” he said.

Mr. Morgan said it was the first time he was physically assaulted during the course of his work but that on other occasions he had been the subject of verbal abuse.

“I felt threatened. He pushed me away with menace. I was in fear. I was static,” he said. The inspector later said that he was in fear for his life.

James McGinley told the court that Mr. Morgan did not identify himself at the door.

He said that as he walked in he hit him with his belly and that he then put his hands up and told him to leave.

“He bumped me with his belly. I said get out, I don’t know who you are,” he said adding that he did not show any identification until he was leaving.

He said that he put his two hands up towards Mr. Morgan’s shoulders after he had come in to the house “like a bully.”

Judge Paul Kelly said he would apply the Probation Act if McGinley paid €250 to the Irish Wheelchair Association.

The case was adjourned at until May 20.



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