Man with ‘atrocious’ driving record banned for 14 years

January 23, 2018

A man has had two four-month jail sentences suspended for two years and has been given driving bans totalling to 14 years.

Terry Barr, 45, of 29 Bonnemaine, Bridgend, was charged with drink driving, dangerous driving, no insurance, driving without a licence and failing to produce his documents at Birdstown, Burnfoot on September 4, 2016.

He pleaded guilty to all charges before Buncrana District Court last year but Judge Paul Kelly adjourned the case for probation and community service reports.

Judge Kelly said Mr. Barr had an atrocious history with road traffic offences. He said at the time of these charges he had been driving while disqualified and was uninsured.

Judge Kelly said Ms. Lennon from the probation service provided a ‘very detailed’ report on Mr. Barr.

‘Ms. Lennox assesses him as having issues with alcohol misuse and she says there is a moderate risk of reoffending in the next 12 months,’ Judge Kelly said.

‘He was ordered to do the prosocial driving course, which he has done successfully and I see there are numerous references from members of the community on file.’

Judge Kelly remarked that Mr. Barr had previously been given community service and after completing his hours he continue to volunteer in the community even after his sentence was completed.

Judge Kelly sentenced Barr to a four month prison sentence for driving without insurance, suspended for two years on the basis that he commits no road traffic offences during that time. He was also given a four year driving ban for that charge.

For dangerous driving, Barr was fined €200 and banned from driving for two years.

He was given a further four month jail sentence for driving while disqualified, suspended for two years under the same conditions as the previous sentence and given another four year driving ban. Finally he was given 60 hours community service in lieu of three months jail. He received a further four year driving ban for drink driving.


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