Garden crash man told hospital staff he would cut their heads off

March 21, 2018

A man who told hospital staff he would cut the head off them after he crashed into a garden wall has escaped going to jail.

Kevin McGinley ploughed through the garden wall in Falcarragh, Co Donegal at 3pm in the afternoon on October 23rd, 2016.

He was taken to hospital but refused to provide Gardai with a blood or urine sample and then threatened hospital staff.

Gardai told Falcarragh District Court that the 24-year-old was drunk and refused treatment.

McGinley, of Shroughan, Falcarragh pleaded guilty to a number of charges inlcuding having no insurance, refusing to give a sample and making threats.

The court heard that the accused had a previous number of motoring offences.

Solicitor for the accused, Mr Patsy Gallagher said his client had turned a corner since the incident and was now earning a good living in construction in England.

“He has turned a corner and wants to move on from this incident,” said Mr Gallagher.

Judge Paul Kelly asked if there were any children in the garden of the house which McGinley struck and was told there was not.

Judge Kelly remarked “This man has an appaling record and has utter disregard for the licensing laws.”

He fined McGinley a total of €1,000 and jailed him for a total of three months but suspended the sentence for two years and banned him from driving for four years in total.



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