Woman who stole neighbour’s camping gear thought it was rubbish

March 29, 2018

A woman who took all her neighbours items as she prepared to go for a weekend camping claimed she thought it was rubbish.

Maria Siataru appeared in court charged with taking the items from neighbour Amy Malowke at her apartment at Riverside View, Letterkenny in Co Donegal on August 31st, 2017.

Letterkenny District Court heard Ms Malowke was heading away for the weekend and was packing two tents, a cooler box, a backpack, a large black suitcase and six pairs of sunglasses.

She had left all the items in the hallway of her apartment to open her car but when she returned all the items were gone.

She called Gardai who called to the apartment of her neighbour Ms Siataru.

When Gardai peeped through the keyhole they saw all the alleged stolen items.

However, when Ms Siaturu opened the door, the items had been moved to a different room but later found.

The items also included a wallet with €150 in cash and a red jacket.

Solicitor for Ms Siataru, 33, Mr Patsy Gallagher, said his client pleaded guilty to theft but she had thought the items were rubbish and had been left out for collection.

Judge Paul Kelly ordered the accused to pay her own bond of €100 and not to re-offend for 12 months.



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