Another man arrested in connection with Ibiza sex assault

March 31, 2018

A second man has been arrested in connection with the sexual assault of a woman in Ibiza which also involved a man from Letterkenny.

Mickey Murray, 54, appeared in court charged with assaulting the woman, who claims that he held her against her will for three days.

Another man, believed to be a French national, was arrested based on Mr Murray’s testimony.

Murray, who claims to be a “spiritual metaphysical psychologist”, was charged with sexually assaulting a woman in Ibiza.

The well-known Letterkenny man has lived on the Balearic island for two years.

A local newspaper reported that the woman claimed that she was subjected to “very harmful massages” that culminated in sexual assault.

A Spanish police spokesman said that she eventually escaped and took refuge in a shop, where she found a knife with which she cut herself on the wrists, neck and stomach.

She had multiple wounds on her body, including her genitals, he said. She was taken to hospital.

A French man was also arrested in connection with the case. The newspaper Diario de Ibiza reported that this arrest was made based on Mr Murray’s testimony.

Mr Murray has previously divided his time between Dublin and Los Angeles.

He has travelled the world to teach workshops and speak at spiritual conferences.

He teaches concepts found in A Course In Miracles, a 1976 book that Helen Schucman claimed was dictated to her by Jesus.

In 2016 he published Wake The F**k Up: Life Is but a Dream, in which he claims that he survived four near-death experiences that led to his spiritual awakening.



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